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 Dec 2018: Seasons Greetings and Happy Holidays
Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, a blessed Eid, a bibulous Yule, a peaceful Solstice, a delirious Kwanzaa, and a wonderful New Year!
And enjoy whatever else you'll celebrate these coming days.

Seasons Greetings

I would have loved to keep you better informed about life and new projects of Michael T. Weiss, but he turned into such a private person, that this was barely possible. EFi, webmiss
 12-1-2018: Movies for the 30th World Aids Day 2018
🎗️ In honor of World HIV Day, celebrated each year on December 1, Hornet magazine has compiled a list of 12 films that helped to chronicle various aspects of the epidemic, as well as its staggering losses and brave triumphs, with the oldest film comes first. All films:
- Parting Glances (1986) - Trailer
- Longtime Companion (1989) - Trailer
- Tongues Untied (1989) - Trailer
- The Living End (1992) - Trailer
- Philadelphia (1993) - Trailer
- Jeffrey (1995) - Trailer

While “AIDS panic” was still rampant in the mid-’90s, screenwriter Paul Rudnick used humor to remind us that life - and love - goes on, even in the shadow of death. Wings star Steven Weber plays Jeffrey, a handsome but neurotic New Yorker who’s scared to act on his attraction to the HIV-positive hunk (Michael T. Weiss) he met at the gym. The film also benefits from an A-list supporting cast, including Nathan Lane, Sigourney Weaver, Christine Baranski and, most memorably, Patrick Stewart as Sterling, Jeffrey’s savagely sassy interior decorator friend.
- Zero Patience (1993) - Trailer
- It's My Party (1996) - Trailer
- Dallas Buyers Club (2013) - Trailer
- The Normal Heart (2014) - Trailer
- The Companion (2015) - Trailer
- BPM (2017) - Trailer
Thanks to antiretroviral medications, preventative measures like PrEP and other advances, we’ve made tremendous strides in the war on HIV. But at the same time we can’t forget the darkest days of the epidemic, when young men were dying every day as society - and Hollywood - turned away. Things have changed somewhat, at least in the film industry.
Source: Dan Avery, Hornet, Nov 29, 2018
 9-4-2018: What has happened to "Easter"?
Strange!! Link Starbureiy's project "Easter" (Easter: ChordN) - with Glenn Close, Dianne Wiest, Carl Weathers, Michael T. Weiss, Marc John Jefferies, Jim Meskimen, Laura Stetman, and Link Starbureiy - which should film in Philadelphia since early August 2018 was recently removed from the IMDb without any notice :(
So this IMDb-URL is no longer active!

But a new Die Hard / John McClane origins movie, titled "McClane" with Bruce Willis is announced: Deadline, and other sources.
 8-14-2018: "Easter" (Easter: ChordN) - filming
Looks like filming for "Easter" (Easter: ChordN) has began on August 8, 2018 in Philadelphia, PA (USA), according to the IMDB.
With: Glenn Close - Maundy, Dianne Wiest - Marty Abrams, Carl Weathers - Dominique McClane, Michael T. Weiss - Mr. Alphabet / Canaan Dusk, Marc John Jefferies - Roscoe, Jim Meskimen - Police Chief Tom Farrell, Laura Stetman - Ethel, Link Starbureiy - Fer / Lnq
Director, Writer, Executive producer, Cinematographer, Storyboard artist, Supervising editor, Locations scout, Music arrangements: Link Starbureiy
Release date for the US: April 19, 2019
More infos
 6-18-2018: "Easter" - in pre-production
Apparently Mike is part of a project named "Easter" (Easter: ChordN). So far two parts (of five) are listed on the IMDb, as in 'pre-production'.**
Somehow based on the "Die Hard" movies with Bruce Willis and "", a video game by Link Starbureiy.
Director / composer / producer / conductor / art director / casting: Link Starbureiy. Writing credits: H. Rap Brown (autobiography), Link Starbureiy (libretto & opera), with characters by Roderick Thorp.
In pre-production with Glenn Close as Maundy, Dianne Wiest, Ross Marquand, Carl Weathers (Apollo Creed in the "Rocky" movies and Action Jackson in the so titled movies), Kathleen Quinlan, Marc John Jefferies, Laura Stetman and Michael T. Weiss as "Mr. Alphabet" whose real name is "Canaan Dusk", mysterious leader of the conglomerate, Nile LLC. A smart technologist who heads the world's most valuable company, of Ivy League pedigree, and who is modeled after Jeff Bezos (Founder & CEO of, Owner of the Washington Post newspaper) and Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla Motors, CEO & CTO of SpaceX, Co-founder of PayPal, Chairman of Solar City).
Perhaps "Easter"s story line, and the description of Glenn Close 's role Maundy.
"Easter" is an International Opera Awards nominee (2018) and Pulitzer Prize entrée (2019). Maybe you can make something out of that - I'm worried about the word 'Opera' ...
Part 1: "In an effort to salvage his reputation, retired detective, Easter / Joe Leland is in a war pitted against the most formidable foe - himself. 'Die, Detective!' focuses on the interrelationship between law enforcement and corruption within the justice system as a whole in contemporary Philadelphia, where the reactions of a framed sleuth, Easter, lead him out of retirement and into civil war. All cops secretly want to die on the job, so they say. Die hard, John McClane."
Release date for the USA so far: April 19, 2019
Part 2: "Joey Leland navigates a hostile political atmosphere while juggling familial problems as he combats Maundy's empire. John McClane is dead. The public cat-fight between Maundy (Glenn Close) and her legal nemesis Marty Abrams, Philadelphia's emeritus district attorney (Dianne Wiest), gets a new spin as Mr. Alphabet is revealed. In the meantime, Maundy employs a German mercenary named Anton "Little Tony" Gruber to tend to her 'troubles'. Joey Leland seems overwhelmed by his assignment, while his sister, Stephanie, is bothered by personal choices that compound her professional struggles. Somewhere in West Philly, a neighborhood preacher feels vindicated by the city's self-inflicted wound."
Release date for the USA so far: June 14, 2019

**Pre-production does not necessarily mean that the movies will indeed be produced or even if so, released and distributed, and the listing could be removed from the IMDb without prior notice, in case the project is cancelled.
 5-29-2018: "Sunset Park" - international release
Received bit of an update from the folks behind the Sunset Park movie:
They are still working to get it released internationally (besides China), but there are some problems to be solved first. They hope to have good news in the near future.
 March/April 2018: Vacation note
On a personal matter:
I will be on vacation until mid-/late April. And I'll be offline, so no news or updates here or on the adjoined FB page.
Also, the data of all my websites have to be merged and then transferred to a new server, which means they might be unavailable at times.
Until then - Happy Easter! EFi, webmiss
 3-25-2018: Photos of Michael T. Weiss at the premiere of "Forever 'B'"
From Liberty Bradford Mitchell yesterday:
We're baaack!
Last night Michael T. Weiss and I celebrated Skye Borgman at the screening of her mind boggling doc "Forever 'B'" documentary (at Laemmle Theaters, 5240 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood) streaming soon!
It was the first time Michael and Skye had seen each other since we produced "The Pornographer's Daughter" play in SF. We're excited to see what our next collaboration will bring!
Again, congratulations to Skye for her incredible work on "Forever 'B'". It was a tough tale to tell but she found the way through beautifully.

With two photos of Michael T. Weiss, taken outside the Laemmle theaters
Source: The PD @ Facebook, March 25, 2018
 3-17-2018: "The Return of The Pornographer's Daughter"
Yesterday Liberty Bradford Mitchell had posted a picture of her with two members of The Fluffers, and Ginger Coyote, Timm Carney and Ashley Fink with the byline: "5 years ago at the Venice workshop for The Pornographer's Daughter"
Followed by: "Coincidentally Michael T. Weiss and I had our first rehearsal for "Return of The PD", this fall in Los Angeles."
Source: The PD @ Facebook, March 16, 2018
 2-24-2018: "The Pornographer's Daughter"
Yesterday Liberty Bradford Mitchell had posted the following about her one-woman play "The Pornographer's Daughter" whose world premiere in San Francisco's "Z-Space Below" in early 2014 was directed by Michael T. Weiss: "Going into first "big" pitch meeting for The PD that I've had in a few."
Source: The PD @ Facebook, Feb 23, 2018
Fingers crossed for good news coming our way!
 2-2-2018: Happy Birthday, Michael!
Happy Birthday, Michael!
Wishing you all the best for your special day, lots of presents and fun with friends and family, and success with your endeavors.
Understandable that you enjoy your time out of the limelight, but please return to acting and the public - you are most missed!
Cheers to many happy years more! EFi, on behalf of "Ask Dr. Mike"

 1-29-2018: Where to send Birthday Greetings for Mike to
Michael's 56th birthday is coming up on Friday 2/2/18.
If you want to send him greetings and best wishes, write to his agency in the hope that they'll pass them on to him:
Mr. Michael T. Weiss
c/o Concept Talent Group
193 N Robertson Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

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