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 Dec 2015: Seasons Greetings and Happy Holidays
Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, and a wonderful New Year!
And enjoy whatever else you'll celebrate these coming days.
A heartfelt Thank You to all those named and un-named who again helped me this year to keep this site the way it is.
Oh - and special thanks to Michael T. Weiss!

Seasons Greetings
 12-3-2015: Fan Mail Address for Michael T. Weiss
If you want to send Michael T. Weiss seasons greetings, it is still the same address as last year to send them to - it was confirmed yesterday:

Michael T. Weiss
c/o Pop Art Management
PO Box 55363
Sherman Oaks, CA 91413
 11-8-2015: Photo of Michael T. Weiss filming for "Sunset Park"
Actor John Bianco had released this picture on which he is preparing a fight scene with Michael T. Weiss, and some more from filming "Sunset Park", both on his Instagram account and IMDb page.
 10-14-2015: First photos of Michael T. Weiss as 'Duane' in "Sunset Park"
Sunset Park on Facebook has released the first pictures of some cast members, with the byline:
"Some of the fellas on set from earlier this summer. John Bianco, Sam Douglas, and Michael T. Weiss - The strong performances are really coming out in the edits."
Here are the photos of Michael T. Weiss as 'Duane'.
 10-7-2015: "Blue Bloods" ist zurück auf Kabel Eins
Der deutsche Fernsehsender Kabel Eins setzt ab Samstag, 10.10.2015 endlich die 1. Staffel von "Blue Bloods" fort.
Wenn wir also Glück haben, bekommen wir die letzten beiden Episoden mit Michael T. Weiss als Det. Sonny Malevsky #1.21 "Das Blut meiner Eltern" (Cellar Boy) am Sa 7.11. ab 23:15 Uhr, Wdh. am So 8.11. um 11:05 Uhr, bzw. #1.22 "Die blauen Templer" (The Blue Templar) am Sa 14.11. ab 23:20 Uhr, Wdh. am So 15.11. um 11 Uhr, zu sehen.
 9-25-2015: "Sunset Park", formerly "Ring the Bell"
Gino (Michael Trevino), a boxer, forced to take his fight outside of the ring, "gloves off", into the back alleys of Sunset Park to stand up for what’s right and protect those he loves. A man divided between his moral compass, given to him by his grandfather (Robert Miano) who raised him, and his aggression, inherited from his father (Michael T. Weiss) who abandoned him. Gino must rise up against the inner and outer demons in his life, facing danger, fear, love, loss, betrayal, forgiveness and redemption. A man is ultimately defined by his decisions during trials and tribulations. Can Gino break the chains of his past to ultimately find himself a champion? Or will he collapse under the same pressures that destroyed his father. Despite the bedlam life has become, Gino must persevere to avenge his grandfather, make amends with those who have wronged him, and save his one true love. Sunset Park is a very real & gritty New York story, spoken truthfully & acted superbly; relatable to everyone who has fought challenges outside of their control and hoped to pave their way to a bold new future through courage & determination.
Source: Sunset Park on Facebook with a new picture

"Sunset Park" is written and directed by Jason Sarrey, whose first feature lenght film this is. Filming took place in New York - Astoria, Brooklyn and Queens. Now in post-production.
Sunset Park on Twitter with pictures
Sunset Park on Instagram with pictures
Sunset Park on Tumblr with pictures
I still couldn't find pictures of Mike as Duane.
 9-21-2015: Happy 19th Anniversary to The Pretender!
19 Years ago, on Sept 19, 1996 NBC premiered the pilot episode of "The Pretender".
And here is what Andrea Parker and Jon Gries commented on the event:
 8-17-2015: Liberty Bradford Mitchell & Michael T. Weiss

Yesterday Liberty Bradford Mitchell posted this photo on her facebook page with the following byline:
"Reunited with director Michael T. Weiss at our dear friend's wedding last night in San Francisco! Looking forward to getting back to work together next year." #ThePD2016 #MichaelTWeiss #libertythepd
Source: libertythepd @ facebook, Aug 17, 2015
 8-8-2015: "Sunset Park", formerly "Ring the Bell"
Seems that MTW was finally filming again!!!
It is "Sunset Park" (formerly titled "Ring the Bell") where he plays 'Duane' ...
"Sunset Park" follows the life and struggles of Gino Sarcione (Nolan Lyons, Boardwalk Empire), a Brooklyn boy raised by his grandfather, Gramps (Robert Miano), and part-time father Duane (Michael T. Weiss). Duane, a mid level criminal and degenerate gambler, racks up a serious debt to the fearsome gangster Shannon 'The Sledge' McKensie (Sam Douglas). Duane skips town sticking Gramps with his enormous debt. 'The Sledge' offers to take control of Gino's blossoming boxing career in lieu of the money owed but Gramps denies him leading to vicious blow back. Duane returns after ten years to salvage his relationship with Gino (now: Michael Trevino, The Vampire Diaries) but only adds to the growing chaos in Gino's life. Juggling the love of his life, his family debt, and his future is an overwhelming task in Sunset Park.
Written and directed by Jason Sarrey, whose first feature lenght film this is. Filming took place in New York - Astoria, Brooklyn and Queens. Principal photography has recently wrapped.
Synopsis taken from the IMDb, which also has a full cast & crew list.
Sunset Park on Facebook with pictures:
Sunset Park on Twitter with pictures:
Sunset Park on Instagram with pictures:
Sunset Park on Tumblr with pictures:
So far, I couldn't find pictures of Mike as Duane.
 4-22-2015: Earth Day 2015
It's our turn to lead - Earth Day's 45th anniversary - it could be the most exciting year in environmental history:
Who says you can't change the world?
Apple celebrates Earth Day 2015 with this amazing video: &
 4-11-2015: Website updates
I've moved the news from 2013 and from 2014 to their own pages on the "Ask Dr. Mike" website. So please update your bookmarks accordingly to :
2014 @
2013 @
 4-5-2015: Update on The Pornographer's Daughter
From Liberty Bradford Mitchell, the woman behind the play "The Pornographer's Daughter", which was directed by Michael T. Weiss for its world premiere in San Francisco in January 2014:
Update on TPD play in Los Angeles: "It will happen at the right time. Gotta trust my Director on this."
Also an update on TPD, the miniseries: "The mini-series is in early development (working on the series arc). I'll keep you posted when we get closer to pilot!"
Source: libertythepd @ facebook, April 4, 2015
 4-4-2015: Happy Easter Days!
Extending the blessings of Easter and Passover to everyone. So whatever you celebrate, may it be peaceful and enjoyable. ~ EFi, admin ~
 4-3-2015: About The Pornographer's Daughter play
From Liberty Bradford Mitchell, the woman behind the play "The Pornographer's Daughter", which was directed by Michael T. Weiss for its world premiere in San Francisco in January 2014:
"Got a picture & shout out by Ginger Coyote's "Hot Gossip" column in this month's Punk Globe Magazine -- right above a line about Debbie Harry & Patti Smith! : 'LIBERTY BRADFORD MITCHELL is gearing up for the upcoming run of her play THE PORNOGRAPHERS DAUGHTER in Hollywood. There will be new Fluffers in this run!!!! It is a must see!'"
Source: Hot Gossip, April 2015

However, today she posted this note about its planned run at the Hollywood Fringe Festival in Los Angeles:
"... unfortunately we no longer have plans for a June run. Hope to get it up by year's end. Stay tuned."
Source: libertythepd @ facebook, April 3, 2015
 3-20-2015: Picture of MTW watching Tennis in New York
Actor Norm Lewis (Senator Edison Davis in the TV series "Scandal", The Phantom in "Phantom of the Opera" on Broadway, Reginald in "Sex and the City 2") has tweeted a picture of him with Michael T. Weiss and Jim Caviezel (John Reese in the TV series "Person of Interest", Jesus in "The Passion of the Christ") watching the BNP Paribas Showdown in New York's Madison Square Garden on March 10, 2015. Picture at Norm Lewis@normlewis777
Byline: Tennis with my buds @CaviezelJames and Michael T. Weiss. #BNPPshowdown
With was commented by another user: A pretender, a phantom and Jesus. Sounds like the beginning of a great joke.
 2-3-2015: Birthday Greetings from Andrea Parker
Shout out to my favorite slippery bar of soap - thank heavens I never caught you!! Miss you lots - love you more
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKEY T #ThePretender #Jarod #MissParker ‪#Sydney‬"

Source: Andrea Parker @ instagram, Feb 2, 2015
 2-2-2015: Happy Birthday Michael!
Happy Birthday to Michael T. Weiss!
He turns 53 years young today. Here's to 53 happy years more - Cheers!

EFi on behalf of "Ask Dr. Mike"
 1-19-2015: O.P.C.
I've compiled all interviews and reviews (or at least the positive ones I could find) about Eve Ensler's play "O.P.C." staged at the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge, MA finally on one page: O.P.C. on stage
I also added photos from rehearsals, the play and from some evenings after the show - although only those with Michael T. Weiss - on its own page: O.P.C. pictures
 1-5-2015: Michael T. Weiss & Liberty Bradford Mitchell

Liberty Bradford Mitchell posted this photo earlier today on her facebook page with the following byline:
Caught my director Michael T. Weiss in Boston on the other side of the stage, playing Bruce in Eve Ensler's new play, "O.P.C."!
2014 started with "The Pornographer's Daughter" world premier in San Francisco and ended with a mini-series development deal. Wow. Never let those dreams die, folks.
See you at our next run at the Hollywood Fringe Festival June 2015, if not before! Happy New Year!

Source: libertythepd @ facebook, Jan 5, 2015
 1-2-2015: New promotion stills of Michael T. Weiss
Happy new year - hope you all made it safely into 2015!

These two new black & white headshots of Michael T. Weiss, by Larsen & Talbert photographers, appeared in late 2014.
The first one was used in the program magazine for the world premiere of Eve Ensler's new play "O.P.C." at the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge, MA, Dec. 2014 - Jan. 2015.
See them here in full size

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