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Hindafing / Willkommen in Hindafing / Welcome to Hindafing
Mehr Informationen zur 6-teiligen Serie

"Hindafing" läuft in Doppelfolgen ab 16. Mai 2017 dienstags ab 20.15 Uhr im BR Fernsehen
Di 16.5. um 20.15 Uhr, Folge 1: Donau Village
Di 16.5. um 21.00 Uhr, Folge 2: Schwarze Kassen
Di 23.5. um 20.15 Uhr, Folge 3: Stille Teilhaber
Di 23.5. um 21.00 Uhr, Folge 4: Drogenpolitik
Di 30.5. um 20.15 Uhr, Folge 5: Wahlkämpfe
Di 30.5. um 21.00 Uhr, Folge 6: Energiewende. Mehr

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BR Fernsehen, Redaktion Bayerische Serie und Volkstheater, "Hindafing", Floriansmühlstr. 60, 80939 München. Oder hinterlassen Sie hier eine Nachricht.

This series follows the rise and fall of ballsy provincial mayor Alfons Zischl and his fictional village of Hindafing, deep in the Bavarian backwoods – far from any touristy clichés – a place neither urban nor rustic, pretending to be much hipper than it actually is.
The residents of Hindafing see themselves as family-oriented and tradition conscious free thinkers, but can't live up to these high ideals. Hindafing tries to project an idyllic image of family values, while it struggles with its inner demons: By day, people go to the local soccer club and practice Bikram Yoga. At night, it's off to the swingers' club or a rendezvous with the local meth dealer.
The first season focuses on the current German refugee crisis, but is by no means limited to that. It is not a one-dimensional political commentary; rather it targets nepotism and ecological hysteria as well as satirizing clerical homophobia, over-the-top political correctness and the limits of monogamy.
A complex, Fargo-style look at the dark underbelly of our modern Western society: Character-driven, darkly comic and unexpectedly moving.

Source WITH TRAILER: Global Screen

The Protagonists:
Alfons Zischl - Provincial Mayor, Megalomaniac Visionary, Methjunkie ... Maximilian Brückner
Sepp Goldhammer - Meat King, Sausage Manufacturer, Organic Wannabe ... Andreas Giebel
Erol Yilderim - Police Officer, Turkish Immigrant Xenophobe ... Ercan Karacayli
Gabi Goldhammer - Loving Mother, Do-Gooder, Sex-Swinger ... Petra Berndt
Marie Zischl - Emancipated Gold Digger, Trophy Wife ... Katrin Röver
Moritz Goldhammer - Pet of the Family, Amateur Soccer Player, Sadistic Psycho ... Roland Schreglmann

1/6 (Donau Village) Donau-Village
County Commissioner Pfaffinger persuades Zischl to put up housing for refugees on the grounds of his major shopping center project, the Donau-Village Mall. In order to do so, Pfaffinger entices Zischl with money from a secret slush fund. Zischl can't resist the temptation, and after a few setbacks, gets the approval of his constituents to take in refugees by appealing to their humanity. But when Zischl tries to collect the hard-earned secret funds, the account is seized after someone leaks classified tax information from Liechtenstein. And it gets worse when the local bank threatens Zischl with a multi-million dollar lawsuit for trying to pull out of the shopping center deal, which could ruin him forever.

Photo: Günther Reisp. Source: BR

2/6 (Schwarze Kassen) The Old Boy Network
Zischl has a plan. If he can find a different location for the refugees, he could still build the shopping mall on the original site. Zischl must convince sports club enthusiast Karli Spitz to offer his soccer clubhouse as a home for the asylum seekers. But Spitz is not the kind of person to take a shine to foreign "blackies". Rather, he wants to know when Zischl will finally admit he knocked up Spitz's daughter Jackie 8 years ago at the fair. To make matters worse, Sepp Goldhammer, Zischl's former business partner, is trying to discredit him by any means. Zischl finally turns the tables, convincing Spitz to take in the refugees, and reconciling Goldhammer through a series of underhanded schemes - until Gabi Goldhammer, of all people, exposes their whole setup out of a sense of Christian charity. Meanwhile, Pastor Krauss struggles with his homoerotic fantasies, and Zischl's meth dealer, Slomka, accidentally blows himself up in his mobile meth lab.

Photo: Günther Reisp. Source: BR

3/6 (Stille Teilhaber) High Art
In order to curb Gabi Goldhammer's influence on the refugee project, Zischl makes his wife Marie the refugee camp project manager. Moritz Goldhammer is brought on as a night watchman. He's rough on the refugees, who quickly learn to fear him. Marie takes a special interest in the young Somali painter, Amadou, whom she wants to promote - while Pastor Krauss secretly yearns for Amadou, too. Meanwhile, Zischl tries to take advantage of the tense situation with a plan to provoke an incident that would force the authorities (namely, Officer Erol) to close down the shelter immediately. But as things aren't gaining enough momentum Zischl ultimately tries to burn down the facility himself. His attempts backfire when the completely drunk local fire brigade manages to put out the fire, and the people of Hindafing hold a candlelight vigil to show their solidarity with the refugees. This puts an end to Karli Spitz's efforts to rouse anti-immigrant sentiment.

4/6 (Drogenpolitik) Scooby Snax
Hindafing is now in the headlines. Zischl uses the media attention to further his agenda, getting temporary work permits for the refugees. He wants to integrate them as full members of the community, so he can move them off the construction site one by one. Zischl has to act, because the local bank has begun to seize his accounts. Karli Spitz is so fed up with Zischl, he declares his intention to run for major in the next election. Zischl, overwhelmed, wishes his wife Maria hadn't flushed the last of his crystal meth. Unfortunately, his dealer Slomka didn't survive the explosion in his meth lab. To refresh his stash, Zischl must travel to the Czech Republic. He takes refugee Nabil with him. But the trip becomes a complete nightmare when Nabil tries to smuggle his cousin into Germany from there. When the three are faced with a border checkpoint, they end up swimming across a canal to get back into German territory. It feels like an escape story from 1989, when Germany was divided. While on the run, Zischl ends up destroying two paintings from "The Homeless Cycle," by Amadou, Marie's protégé, that she already sold for an exorbitant price to Bavarian high society. The evening culminates with a completely exhausted Zischl ending up at the local swinger's club, where county chief Pfaffinger's birthday party is in full swing (at the expense of the local savings & loan). Here we see the Goldhammers at the sausage buffet, wearing Venetian masks, trying to remain incognito.

5/6 (Wahlkämpfe) A Lucky Dog
On the eve of the mayoral election, rival candidate Spitz is ahead in the polls, forcing the desperate Zischl to carry out the most dastardly plan of his sullied career so far. In one of the Goldhammer's storehouses in their meat processing plant, he has refugees falsify ballots. Meanwhile, Officer Erol believes he's uncovered a terrorist bomb plot. He doesn't realize the bulk purchases of agricultural chemicals have nothing to do with Islamic extremists, but are part of Sepp Goldhammer's secret efforts to meet the requirements for his organic poultry farm. When Officer Erol rashly storms the facility, there are gunshots, and of all people, Amadou gets hit. In a cloak-and-dagger operation, Zischl, Goldhammer and Erol must dispose of the body to cover up their involvement. The disposal of the corpse proves more challenging than anticipated, until Goldhammer's father-in-law dumps the body in the local reservoir.

6/6 (Energiewende) Fracking
An unexpected twist saves the mayoral election for Zischl: Karli Spitz arranges a paternity test for Jasmin to finally expose Zischl as the con artist and adulterer he is. But when he learns Jasmin is the incestuous love child of his own children, Jacki and Fritz, he withdraws from the race to avoid a scandal. Back in his office, Zischl believes he's finally back in the saddle: the last of the refugees are "integrated", and the construction site is ready to break ground. Then Pfaffinger unveils his newest deal. He's sold the rights to an American company to start exploratory drilling for natural gas on the site. When the fracking operation causes an earthquake in the region, Amadou's corpse resurfaces, throwing Hindafing into turmoil: Marie has lost her protégé, Pastor Krauss his lover. Marie Goldhammer accuses her son of Amadou's murder, and Zischl, Erol and Goldhammer fear they'll be exposed. The time has come for the characters in Hindafing to face the consequences of their actions.

Photo: Günther Reisp. Source: BR

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