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Sacramento, Capital of California: Don't look all American State Capitols pretty much alike? (At least from a tourist's point of view.)
Los Angeles, City of Angels: If you have just one day in Los Angeles, and you're not much into Movie Studio Tours or don't like queueing for overcrowded attractions, you should visit the Getty Center
You won't regret it - and if it is only for the view over the city. OK, I admit I went shopping for movie memorabilia on Hollywood Boulevard instead.
But after that there is always some time left to drive to Venice for a relaxing walk along the canals. What a quiet neighborhood that is! I would like to live there myself, if I could afford it. 
Hard to believe that the hustle and bustle of Venice Beach is just a block away. 
Jarod's latest pretend?
Santa Monica Pier with the rollercoaster.
Welcome to Sin City, Las Vegas, Nevada!
The 'Paris Las Vegas' signature landmark is an authentic half-scale replica of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, but still 50 stories high. My room had a view exactly on the tower. I saved a lot of electricity every night.
The Arc de Triomphe and the Montgolfiere that flank the other side of the main entrance to the 'Paris' Hotel are seen thru the water fountains in front of the 'Bellagio' Hotel. Different water choreographies are staged every 15 minutes after dark to the sound of popular music. A tourist's must. And it is free!
No, it is not St. Mark's Place in Venice, Italy. This impressive entrance belongs to the 'Venetian' Hotel on the north end of the Strip. The hotel has canals, offers gondola rides with singing gondolieres, and has painted ceilings modelled after St. Peter in Rome.
Chicago, the Windy City - and windy it is. But for the most part we were lucky with the weather. I can understand now why every Chicagoan I know has moved out. The sky scrapers are very impressive, especially when you're in a boat on Chicago River. And Speedboat riding on Lake Michigan is great fun! 
The Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park is another prominent spot in Chicago. It is featured in the title sequence of the popular TV series "Married... With Children" (in Germany known as " Eine schrecklich nette Familie").
The Field Museum. It is now home to the largest know skeleton of a T.Rex. But I didn't want to queue for more than one and a half hours to have a peek onto Sue's bones. So I took the photo from the outside instead.
This photo was taken on the steps of the Field Museum, showing a Totem pole and Chicago in the rain. 
If you didn't know already, Chicago is also known for its 'ribs'. You should try the 'baby backs' at the "Rock Bottom Brewery". Yummy!
A car caught fire in the hotel garage. Nothing serious, according to Chicago standards. The Fire Squad extinguished it quickly, but the smoke and the smell of burned rubber filled the hallways for some more days.
Nice handsome (this is probably mandatory for American fire fighters) guys, but no familiar face amongst them. 

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