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Road Trip - its most basic essence is loading up on junk food, cranking the radio and... just driving.
I skipped the convertible in favor of a sedan and the music I'm fond of is certainly not suitable for driving safely. That only left the junk food. But take my advice: Don't leave Cracker Jacks in a car parked in the sun...
I have never seen so many outdoor filming locations in one single city like in Vancouver, not even in Los Angeles. Unfortunately all signs were either in code or abbreviations. This photo was taken at the Cruise Ship Terminal at Canada Place and shows cruise ship 'Sun Princess' which was about to leave for Alaska and in the background a - possible - location for "Bones", already closed for the night. 
The Vancouver sulphur mine appeared in the first and second season opening titles of the TV series "Highlander", and came from the first season episode "Band of Brothers", in which the hero Duncan MacLeod has to fight the immortal Grayson.
Vancouver is very good in pretending. It can become every city in North America (on film) that it needs to be, and the audience would not recognize it.
Lion's Gate Bridge over First Narrows, connection Stanley Park (the largest city park in North America with 1.5 square miles) with North Vancouver.
Vancouver is great! It is sort of European, the inner city is full of life, even at 2:00 am in the morning. Nona, a dear friend of mine and founder of 'The Complete Sean Bean', sort of an unofficial information exchange for the talented, handsome, and underrated British actor Sean Bean, showed us around town. She could really work as a tour guide!
I love bears!
I took this photo of downtown Seattle with the Space Needle at Kerry Park on Queen Anne Hill. I was told that it is also the view you can see outside the window of Frazier's living room in the TV series "Frazier". Seattle is rainy like it says in the travel guides. Good restaurants, nice waterfront like in San Francisco, only smaller.
This is the houseboat still floating in Lake Union from "Sleepless in Seattle", in which Tom Hanks' character Sam Baldwin used to live with his son Jonah.
The Rose City - Portland,OR. Oregon Convention Center. 
I spent most of my evening with Lady Zoe, one of the founders of the Michael T. Weiss Fanclub at Yahoo, who brought me the latest news on NBC, TNT, "The Pretender" and of course on Michael T. Weiss. Drooling is sooo enjoyable....
This pillar makes the new northwest entrance of 'Powell's City of Books' in Portland. It is comprised of eight of the world's great books - Mahabharata, 1000 Nights and A Night, Hamlet, War & Peace, Tao te Ching, Psalms, The Odyssey, and The Whale (the original title of Moby Dick). 'Powell's' is one of the world's largest "real" book stores, so lange indeed that they offer guided tours thru the shop. And if you want to prove your driving abilities - try their parking garage!
I am a librarian and I love books. What do you expect?
The Oregon Coast is at least as impressive as the coast line of California, if not more. But it is definitely less crowded (this was Saturday afternoon) and the water is less polluted.
Crater Lake, OR emerged from the remains of the ancient vulcano Mount Mazuma, which collapsed some 7000 years ago. The circular shaped lake is the deepest lake in the US with a depth of 1.923 feet (589 m). The largest part of the Rim Drive was still closed, due to a late avalanche, but the mosquitos were already waiting for tourists....
My parents and I in front of Mt. Bailey and Diamond Lake, OR.

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