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New York was like it always is: Overwhelming!
The NBC Store in Rockefeller Center still displayed a photo of Michael T. Weiss from the TV series "The Pretender", even though NBC had cancelled the show a few weeks ago. 
'Puppy' presented by the Rockefeller Center, June 6 - September 5, 2000. The creator Jeff Koons was unvailing the sculpure covered with real Lobelias, Impatiens, Petunias, Begonias and Marigolds not yet in full bloom, on June 7 (due to the record breaking rain on June 6).
'Puppy' in bloom.
I also took the opportunity to visit some of the locations of one of my favorite films "Jeffrey, a bittersweet take on finding love and happiness in the age of AIDS. In the opening scene Jeffrey (Steven Weber) sits on Washington Square in front of Washington Arch and makes a decision: "No more sex!" - but then he meets the man of his dreams.... 
In front of this fountain at the corner of 54th Street and Madison Avenue Jeffrey is persuaded.... his friends Sterling (Patrick Stewart) and Darius (Bryan Batt) "We are your friends, you must obey us!", to have a date with Steve (Michael T. Weiss) the next evening.
Central Park:
Belvedere Castle was designed in 1865 and sits on Vista Rock, the highest point in the Park. It now houses a US Weather Service Station. The 'Volunteer Check-In' for the staged "Gay Pride March" where Steve and Jeffery met again stood in front of it.
The Sheep Meadow was actually used for sheep grazing until the 1930's. Now it is one of the favorite places for New Yorkers to relax in quiet.
Parts of the Park were unfortunately closed for 1. a fundraising, 2. a filming location, and 3. preparations for the real "Gay Pride March" on June 25.
I went to see Bryan Batt (who originated the part of Darius in Paul Rudnick's play "Jeffrey" in NY and LA and has also been in "Cats") in "Saturday Night Fever" at the Minskoff Theatre, where he played, danced and sang the part of Monty, the DJ. ("Disco Inferno")
Amazing costumes ....! Unfortunately I didn't get him after the show, either he was too fast or I was too slow ....
("Disco Duck")
I also had a chance to see Patrick Stewart in "The Ride Down Mt. Morgan", in which he displayed a very nice hair piece, at the Ambassador Theatre, and got an autograph and some friendly words from him. 
I thanked him for the performance and the great evening and as he signed my program he spoke the immortal words: "I am glad that you could come."
He was really nice, gave a lot of autographs and paused for photos, but he was a bit worried because his *favorite* stalker re-appeared after 7 years. So there was a huge amount of police force at the stage door.
Yes, this is a real fire truck from the "Pride of Midtown Station" in Manhattan. And yes, that's me behind the wheel! Pretending can be sooo much fun....

The next day it was time to leave for Munich.


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