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 Streams Of Consciousness, Sept. - Oct. 1992
Playwright & Director : Michael T. Weiss

Eddie De Harp (L.A. Story, 1991; The Beverly Hillbillies, 1993)
Stacey Katzin (When Harry met Sally, 1989)
Lee Mathis ('Jon Hanley' in General Hospital, 1994-96) *1996

At the Met Theatre, 1089 N. Oxford Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90029
Till Oct. 10, 1992, Fridays – Saturdays 8pm. Running time: 1:10 hours

Review by Ray Loynd, LA Times / Stage Beat: “Streams” – Sketches With Some Good Lines, Sept. 25, 1992:
Urban anxiety, scattered over a wider landscape, is also dramatized in “Streams Of Consciousness” at the Met Theatre.
Written and directed by Michael T. Weiss, the show spotlights eight solo characters talking to a person we can’t see, about such subjects as video dating, thinness as a state of happiness and a wife’s yearning to be glamorous.
In its present form, “Streams” is a collection of loosely intertwined sketches looking for a structure – a regular play wouldn’t be that bad – in order to hit home as something more than a stack of auditions.
But Weiss writes good lines – even, sometimes, in those frequent moments when he’s engaged in the dubious artifice of rhymed couplets.
Among the ‘streams’ that brightly burble are Eddie DeHarp’s stinging rendition of a dedicated actor brushed off at an audition, Stacey Katzin’s depiction of a character desperate to lose weight and Lee Mathis’ philosophical construction worker high on a roof beam pondering metaphysics. Narrow pools of light moodily enhance the performances.
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