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 The Early Years
Michael T. Weiss attended the University of Southern California (USC), from which he graduated in 1984 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree in Theatre Arts.

Quote from Michael: "All theatre. That is all I studied. I must have done 35 plays in college. One of my favorites was "Hair" *. I’ve also done a lot of Tennessee Williams and Shakespeare. You name it - I’ve done it!"

"Really, the theater is my favorite place in the world to be,"
said Michael in an interview with the 'Boston Globe' in May 2005.

From the Actors Forum after the performance of "Les Liaisons Dangereuses" on January 19, 2006:
"Why do I like working on stage?" "It is the rehearsal process. When working on a movie, you hardly have time to rehearse. Due to budget you are usually on your own to prepare, whereas in theatre you have some weeks of rehearsals with the whole cast. That's what I like best about theatre."

Unfortunately I can't provide information about the plays and the parts Michael had in them while he was at University, because my request was answered by the USC School of Theatre as follows: "I cannot release any information or PR materials regarding USC alumni unless I have written authorization from the student."

Over the years Michael T. Weiss has performed with a number of improvisational groups including his own "Spontaneous Combustion Production Group", and the "Second City Players Workshop" ("Little Bastards Fun Day") in Chicago.

His stage work also includes
"Hair" (musical) Lyrics by Jerome Ragni and James Rado, Music by Galt McDermot ('Berger', at the Santa Rosa Repetory Theatre)
"Look Back In Anger" by John Osbourne
"Taming Of The Shrew" by William Shakespeare ('Tranio', at the Santa Rosa Repetory Theatre)
"Richard III" by William Shakespeare
"Sweet Bird Of Youth" by Tennessee Williams
"'Tis Pity She's A Whore" by John Ford
"Keep Tightly Closed In Cool Dry Place" by Megan Terry
"Comings And Goings" by Megan Terry
"A Marriage Proposal" by Anton Chekhov
(Source: The Dark Shadows Concordance 1991 by Kathleen Resch)

* In 'The Tonight Show' on January 24, 1997, Michael was talking to Jay Leno about his parents and his choice of an acting career:
MTW: "They came to every bad piece of theatre I ever did."
Jay Leno: "Oh, well that's nice."
MTW: "Every experimental play. Actually, once I was doing a play up in Northern California, a really experimental piece where we had to get naked."
JL: "Experimental piece where you had to get naked. Well."
MTW: "I was naked."
JL: "What was the play?"
MTW: "It was "Hair"."
JL: "Oh, "Hair". Okay, sure."
MTW: "We were naked on stage, which is very, you know, refreshing as an actor."
JL: "Right."
MTW: "And we're under this big tarp. Kinda breezy. And we're under this big parachute getting naked and taking off our clothes. And I stand up, and in the front row, there's my Mom and Dad. "Hi Dad. Hi Ma." My Dad's like, "Yeah, that's my boy." You know?"
JL: "I'm sure Dad enjoyed some of the other performers, though. Now, did they say anything afterwards? Son, let me ask you about this acting thing? Did they ever mention it?"
MTW: "Ah, no. They never mentioned it."
JL: "They never mentioned it?"
MTW: "But my Dad's had a grin on his face ever since: "That's my boy"."