Links to other sides of Maxi's Life

Maximilian Brückner's own official Facebook page (since May 2015)
His Instagram account : Here
His agency (also in charge of autograph requests) : Agentur Lambsdorff
His PR agency : Schumacher PR
His agency as a screen writer (together with Linus Herbig-Matten) : Agentur Homebase
This is the theatre on which stage he breaks out : Münchner Volkstheater (Munich Volkstheater)
His younger brother, construction engineer, paragliding instructor, part-time actor and member of the 'Riederinger Musikanten' : Dominikus Brückner
The third brother, paramedic, actor and also a member of the 'Riederinger Musikanten' : Florian Brückner
The fourth brother, electronic technician, dancer in the 'Trachtenverein Almengruen' and sometimes actor : Franz-Xaver Brückner
The second-youngest sister, TV presenter and one of the violinists of the 'Riederinger Geigenmusi' and of the 'Perlseer Dirndln' : Susanne Wiesner
The youngest sister, also one of the violinists of the 'Riederinger Geigenmusi' : Isabella Baueregger
The new clothing shop of the familiy, "Trachten Brückner" in Antwort/Bad Endorf
All began with them and they are still his best friends : Die Riederinger Musikanten
Die Riederinger while story telling, rehearsing, being on stage, in Rio de Janeiro, and dancing : Capriccio
Here Maxi dances and occassionally is permitted to play football (soccer) for their team : Trachtenverein Almengrün
When he finds time, he plays Tuba with his band : Riederinger Geigenmusi
Here he (and his siblings) grew up and was part of the municipal council from Mai 2008 to April 2009 : Gemeinde Riedering
He is one of the patrons of the Paten Projekt "Jugend in Arbeit" of Rosenheim
Maximilian Brückner is also one of the patrons of "Little Drops e.V.", of Nußdorf am Inn
Maxi at the Munich Filmfest : 26-2008, 27-2009, 32-2014, 33-2015, 34-2016, 35-2017, 36-2018, 37-2019, 38-2021
Maxi at the German Filmball
Maxi doing adverts

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