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Maximilian, Maxi (in his family and according to  his agency), Max Brückner, Bruckner / Brueckner
(in English speaking countries)

German Actor, Director, Musician, Dancer and also proud native Bavarian
"Bayerische Sahneschnitte"
- "Schuhplattler der Herzen" - "Prince Charming"


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Who can judge whether the signature is really from Maximilian Brueckner??

"I hob hoit des Pech g'habt und des Glück, dass i hoit nix anders konn, ois a bissl rumspuin und auf der Bühne rumhupfn." M.B.

Interview with Maximilian Brückner
for the German section of this website.
Interview on January 17, 2014 for his new film "Und Äktschn!", which opened in German and Austrian movie theatres on Feb 6, 2014.
Max Brueckner
Exclusive Interview with Maximilian Brückner
(in Bavarian) for the German section of this website.
Interview date was in late January 2012, but due to a string of unforeseen circumstances, publishing it was delayed till early March 2012.

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Jan 17 "Welcome to Hindafing": The satirical black comedy-drama "Welcome to Hindafing" premieres January 22nd, 2019 in the US and Canada – only on MHz Choice! Watch online, via Amazon, Android, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Roku, XBOX & Xfinity.
You like the Coen Brothers? You like House of Cards? Then you might very well fall head over heels in love with "Welcome to Hindafing", a hilarious, Fargo-style look at the dark underbelly of Western civilization, Bavarian-style. Equal parts satire, drama and bawdy, clever comedy, Welcome to Hindafing tells the story of the rise and fall (mostly “fall”) of provincial mayor Alfons Zischl, Jr. and the fictional town of Hindafing, a village so deep in the Bavarian backwoods that it doesn’t even have its own Autobahn exit (yet). Its soccer team aspires to qualify for the ninth division next season, its nightlife is dominated by a truck stop and a beer hall, and its biggest employer is a faux-organic slaughterhouse. Welcome, indeed.
Maximilian Brückner plays Mayor Alfons Zischl, an actor MHz Choice subscribers will recognize from his recent starring role as Martin Luther in "Reformation".
Videos: Hindafing - First Look & Official U.S. Trailer. Source, with information about the actors: MHzChoice-Blog
Jan 16 Photos from the 'Bad Taste Birthday-Party' of Maximilian Brückner for his 40th birthday at the "Hirzinger, Hotel Gasthof zur Post" in Riedering. Photos by Lucas and by Franz-Xaver Brückner
Jan 16 Bella Brückner, Clemens Schick and Maximilian Brückner model for "Tracht & Country" and "Trachten Brückner". Photos by Mathias Leidgschwendner: Photo 1 and Photo 2
Jan 8 "Arctic Circle" / "Ivalo": – joijohannsson: #arcticcircle or Ivalo is getting fantastic reviews and people are screaming for season 2. All episodes of the 10-part crime series IVALO are available @elisaoyj. Soon on German TV. Source: Joi Johannsson on Instagram, 8.1.19
ivalosarja: #IVALO kiri kahdessa viikossa #ElisaViihde Aition viime vuoden katsotuimmaksi! 💥😍 Six new set stills featuring Iina Kuustonen, Maximilian Brückner, Clemens Schick and Mikko Leppilampi. Source: Ivalo on Instagram. More photos on Facebook, 8.1.19
Jan 7 "Arctic Circle" / "Ivalo": – Ivalo-sarjan päätösjakso jättää avoimeksi nämä 8 kuumottavaa kysymystä - pakko saada jatkoa! (The final episode of the Ivalo series leaves these 8 hot issues open - a must-have!) Source: Menaiset, 4.1.19
– Elisa Viihteen alkuperäissarja Ivalon (Arctic Circle) kaikki jaksot ovat nyt katsottavissa Elisa Viihteen Aitiossa (All episodes of Elisa Entertainment's series Ivalo (Arctic Circle) can now be watched) Source: Kanavavahti, 4.1.19
Jan 6 ➡️ Maxi will turn 40 years young on Jan 10, 2019. If you want to send him greetings and best wishes - here are the addresses to send postal mail to:
Maximilian Brückner
c/o Agentur Lambsdorff
Infanteriestr. 19 Haus 5
80797 Munich / Germany
or: Maximilian Brückner
c/o Münchner Volkstheater
Brienner Str. 50
80333 Munich / Germany
Or online thru these websites: and
Jan 4 "Arctic Circle" / "Ivalo": Ep. 8 "Taudinkantajat", Ep. 9 "Murmansk", and final Ep. 10 "Venla" of the 10-part crime series "Ivalo" with Maximilian Brückner, Iina Kuustonen, Pihla Viiitala, Clemens Schick, Joi Johannsson, directed by Hannu Salonen, are now also available for viewing - if you are from Finland @
Episodes 1-7 are still available. First Finnish viewers already asked for a 2nd season - here.
Jan 3, 2019 "Arctic Circle" / "Ivalo" - title sequence: Video by Sami Haartemo, who did all design work, editing and vfx
Dec 31, 2018 Today, "Ivalo" released some new set photos, including one of Maxi with reindeer: Facebook album
Dec 29 New Year's Eve video from Maxi with his tuba, with support from his daughter on the flute: Meet my new partner. See you next year. #blablabla Video. Unfortunately the sound is not original.
Dec 28 "Arctic Circle" / "Ivalo": Ep. 4 "Silmä silmästä", Ep. 5 "Jumalan terve", Ep. 6 "Ensimmäinen uhri" and Ep. 7 "Saalistaja" of the 10-part crime series "Ivalo are now also available for viewing - if you are from Finland @
Eps. 8-10 will follow on Jan 4, 2019
Dec 23 Maxi's Christmas greetings on Instagram: Haaapppppyyy Chrrristmaaaas #blablabla. Photo
Dec 22 "Arctic Circle" / "Ivalo":Ivalosta on levinnyt vaarallinen virus. Osallistu pelastusohjelmaan koodilla 1V470A osoitteessa @
A dangerous virus has spread from the Arctic Circle. Participate in the rescue program by using the code 1V470a - Video from Thomas Lorenz (Maximilian Brückner) in his best *Panic*-English @
Dec 21 "Arctic Circle" / "Ivalo" airing on Finnish streaming channel Elisa Viihde: Ep 1-3: from Fr 12/21/2018, Ep 4-7: from Fr 12/28/2018, Ep 8-10: from Fr 1/4/2019
– Vuoden ylivoimaisesti paras kotimainen tv-sarja alkaa vasta nyt - Iina Kuustonen elämänsä roolissa ja 5 muuta syytä katsoa Ivaloa. Source: Menaiset, 12/20/18 (with photos)
– Kamera käy Lapissa - suomalainen tv-draama puskee mukaan eurooppalaiseen kilpailuun. Source: Kauppalehti, 12/20/18
Dec 18 "Nachtschicht - Cash & Carry": Lead actor Armin Rohde is also an accomplished photographer. He took these great images of Maximilian Brückner in costume at the set of the 16th film of the TV series "Night Shift" for German TV Network ZDF: 4 pictures. Source: Instagram
Dec 16 Millainen on Suomen suurin rikossarja? Lue Apu-lehden kattava juttu Ivalosta: "Ivalo" on kaikkien aikojen kallein suomalainen televisiosarja. Apu, 11.12.18
Premiering on Finnish Elisa Viihde on 21. Dec. 2018 and airing on the YLE channels in 2020.
Dec 15 "Welcome to Hindafing" - Official U.S. Trailer
A complex, Fargo-style story about the mayor of a small Bavarian village. "Welcome to Hindafing" stars Maximilian Brückner whom MHz Choice viewers will recognize from his recent starring role as Martin Luther in "Reformation".
"Hindafing" will be available on streaming service MHz Choice in the US & Canada on 22 Jan. Source: MHz Choice-YouTube, 14.12.2018
Dec 14 "Arctic Circle" / Ivalo" - Interviews with director Hannu Salonen and actresses Iina Kuustonen and Pihla Viitala (in Finnish):
- Iina Kuustonen muutti perheineen kolmeksi kuukaudeksi Lappiin: ”Lasten ja töiden yhdistäminen on järjestelykysymys”. Ilta-Sanomat
- Hannu Salonen and Iina Kuustonen in Finnish 'Radio Rock': Podcasts, 12.12.18
- Iina Kuustonen muutti kolmeksi kuukaudeksi perheen kanssa Lappiin: ”Mulla oli viisi kerrosta vaatteita”. Iltalehti, 12.12.18
- Pihla Viitala nähdään Ivalo-sarjan pääosassa. Iltalehti, 11.12.18
Dec 12 Interviews for "Arctic Circle" at its premiere in Helsinki: Ivalo-jännityssarjan kutsuvierasensi-illassa riitti riemua ja kansainvälistä väriä. Helsingissä juhlistettiin Ivalo-sarjan kutsuvierasensi-iltaa maanantaina. tapasi sarjan tähdet punaisella matolla. Kansainvälisen jännityssarjan (englanninkieliseltä nimeltään Artic Circle) maailman ensi-ilta on Elisa Viihteessä 21. joulukuuta. Full article (in Finnish) with pictures: Mesta, 11.12.18
Dec 11 More photos from yesterday's premiere of "Arctic Circle" / "Ivalo": Picture 4 by Tomerjoki, Picture 5 by Bavaria Fiction, Picture 6 by Laura Kuulasmaa/ElisaViihde, Picture 7 by ElisaOyj, Picture 8 + Picture 9 by Janne Kataja, Picture 10 by Nanna Drummond, Picture 11 by Essi Perälä, and an Album with 40+ pictures by "Ivalo"
Dec 10 First photos from the premiere screening of "Arctic Circle" / "Ivalo" in the Kinopalatsi Kaisaniemi in Helsinki earlier today. Maxi wears the well known blue suit and is standing almost in the middle of the group: Picture 1 by Melissa, Picture 2 by Lotti, Picture 3 by Elina
Dec 9 Previously unseen bits from the 10-part Finnish-German TV-series "Arctic Circle", taken from an interview with actress Iina Kuustonen and production designer Antti Nikkinen about filming in the challenging arctic conditions of Finland: Video
Dec 8 Maximilian Brückner on Instagram (during filming for an episode of German TV-series "Nachtschicht" in Hamburg): "What a nice and cool guy Mortel. #blablabla"
Mortel is a German-Congolese rapper, and founder and co-owner of Racaille Music Group.
Nov 28 "Arctic Circle" / "Ivalo": Yesterday director Hannu Salonen finished the final mix of the series, exactly one year after the cameras rolled for the 1st time on Nov 27, 2017: "Arctic Circle / Ivalo has been mixed! Finalized! Two years of my life spent on this project. Can’t almost believe it!" Source: Instagram
Premiere is on Monday, Dec 10, 2018 at 6pm in the Kinopalatsi, Kaisaniemenkatu 2 in Helsinki, Finland. People living in Finland, of 18 years and above can win tickets to this premiere @ Ivalo on Facebook
Nov 27 "Das schönste Paar" / "The Most Beautiful Couple" finally has a German opening date: It will be released on March 21, 2019 through Koryphäen Film.
Nov 22 Director Hannu Salonen: "Seems like an eternity ago - but it’s not. It’ll be again on my retina every day the next 7 days. And then: a sudden stop. It’ll be fulfilled! Done! Attending the last mixing session of ARCTIC CIRCLE." Source: Instagram, 11/21/18
Nov 20 "Reformation" ("Zwischen Himmel und Hölle") is released today on DVD (Region 1 NTSC) in the US and Canada. German with English subtitles, 1 Disc. through MHzChoice. Also streaming on MHz Choice channel on Amazon US. In the UK available on DVD (Region 2 PAL) through Network.
Nov 14 19th Arras Film Festival 2018: "Can we really forget the bad things people have done to us?" German director Sven Taddicken talks about his dramatic thriller "The Most Beautiful Couple", unveiled at TIFF in Toronto, Canada and screened at Arras, France.
Interview: Fabien Lemercier in Cineuropa, 13.11.18 (Translated from French)
Nov 8 First Finnish trailer (in Engl./Finnish) for 10-part Finnish-German TV series "Ivalo" / "Arctic Circle". International trailer will follow. Series coming to Finnish streaming service Elisa Viihde on 21.12.18
Nov 7 "Arctic Circle" / "Ivalo": Katso uuden kotimaisen Ivalo-jännityssarjan traileri - pääosassa Iina Kuustonen poliisina: ”Treenasin vuoden ajan kestävyyttä”. Uuden draamasarjan joukkoon valitun Ivalon ensimmäiset jaksot tulevat katsottaviksi Elisa Viihteen Aitioon 21.12.2018. Lähde: Iltalehti, 7.11.18
Nov 6 This evening, Maximilian Brückner and director Sven Taddicken handed out prize awards up to 14,000 Euros to movie theatre owners at the presentation of the 28th NRW Cinema Programmme Awards at the Gloria Theater in Cologne, presenting their film "The Most Beautiful Couple" to them at the same time. Photos. More photos. Another photo. Even more photos
Oct 30 What’s streaming in the U.S.A. starting today, Oct. 30: "Reformation" ("Zwischen Himmel und Hölle") on MHz Choice and on the MHz Choice channel on Amazon US. This two-part German mini-series dramatizes the Protestant Reformation, led by Martin Luther (Maximilian Brückner) roughly 500 years ago after he was excommunicated by the pope and deemed an outlaw for his revolutionary views. A lavish historical drama presenting the story of the university monk from Wittenberg who put the 'protest' into Protestant and rocked the religious establishment of his time.
Source: The New York Times, Oct. 30, 2018. It will be released on DVD in the USA & Canada on Nov 20, 2018 thru MHzChoice.
Oct 25 Selfie from Maximilian Brückner: What’s up?! #blablabla
Oct 24 "Das schönste Paar" / "The Most Beautiful Couple" from Beta Cinema at the AFM 2018 (American Film Market), Oct 31 - Nov 7, 2018 • Santa Monica, CA, USA. Screening: ArcLight Cinema 2 (Santa Monica Place, 395 3rd Street Promenade #330), Nov. 3 - 11:30 am. More Infos
Oct 23 "Arctic Circle": Director Hannu Salonen: Forwarding a picture taken by @germanshowrunner in Cannes at MIPCOM. Soon IVALO will be launched Instagram, 10/23/18
Oct 22 "The Most Beautiful Couple" / "Das schönste Paar": Another great and honest review from TIFF 2018. "Is it easier to blame ourselves, the victims, when something bad happens? Because if we can just do something different, make different choices than the victim, we can keep ourselves safe?" Full review by Jay on AWM
Oct 20 60th Nordic Filmdays in Lübeck (30.10. - 4.11.2018) at CineStar Filmpalast Stadthalle, Mühlenbrücke 11, 23552 Lübeck
"The Most Beautiful Couple"/"Das schönste Paar" on Thu, 1.11. at 10:15pm at CineStar 7. More infos in catalogue
"Der Mordanschlag"/"Attempted Murder" on Fri, 2.11. at 7pm (both parts with intermission) at CineStar 7. More infos in catalogue
Oct 18 Maxi has just posted a new clip taken at his farm: Meet my new friend #blablabla @ Instagram
Oct 16 Two more new pictures of Maxi, again taken by photographer Mathias Leidgschwendner in Munich:
Photo 1 (fully dressed) + photo 2 (with boots ...), which Maxi comments as follows: Take it with a grain of salt. #blablabla
Oct 11 "Arctic Circle" (Orig.: "Ivalo") at next week’s Mipcom in Cannes: Finnish SVOD platform Elisa Viihde’s two big bets are Bullets and Arctic Circle.
Arctic Circle is a ten-part crime drama starring Iina Kuustonen (Off The Map) and War Horse’s Maximilian Brückner that centers around a weaponized sexual virus that threatens a remote arctic town. Inspector Nina Kautsalo, played by Kuustonen and virologist Thomas Lorenz, played by Brückner, must hunt down the killer spreading the virus and uncover the conspiracy behind its cure. The show, which is produced by Yellow Film & TV and Germany’s Bavaria Television, will launch in December with Lagardère Studios Distribution handling international sales at Mipcom.
Finland’s Film Commission will be hosting 'Finnish Weird: TV Drama and Cocktail' in Cannes in the Verrière Californie at the Palais des Festivals on October 16 at 5:30pm. Source: Deadline, 11.10.18
MIPCOM - The World's Entertainment Content Market: 15-18 October 2018, Palais des Festivals, Cannes, France
Oct 10 The Bavarian TV series "Hindafing" with Maximilian Brückner in the lead as Alfons Zischl gets a 2nd season, again with six episodes, with the same crew and cast, with funding by FFF Bayern. Source
Oct 9 Another new picture of Maximilian Brückner, again from photographer Mathias Leidgschwendner. Maxi's comment: #blablabla
Oct 8 French premiere: "The Most Beautiful Couple" in Compétition Européenne, nominated for the 'Golden Atlas' (Atlas d’Or): 19e Arras Film Festival, 2 - 11 Novembre 2018. Au Casino d'Arras et au cinéma Cinémovia, 3 Rue Emile Legrelle, 62000 Arras, France. Screenings: Fri 11/9, at 9:30pm with director Sven Taddicken, and Sat 11/10, at 9:30am
Contact: Tel. +33 (0)3 21 59 56 30, Email: info(at)
The 19th edition of the Arras Film Festival dedicated to European cinema will take place from 2-11 November, and will boast a barrage of premiere screenings and films as yet unreleased in France. More
Oct 7 Video (of a funny fake commercial) from Maximilian Brueckner as the 'Boandlkramer' in his dressing room prior to going on stage: "Death grey. Nothing else! Sponsored by crematoria #blablabla" Turn sound on!
Oct 5 Press booklet for "The Most Beautiful Couple" at TIFF 2018
Oct 4 "Reformation" (Zwischen Himmel und Hölle) - this lavish two-part historical drama was produced to mark the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. It stars Maximilian Brückner (Line of Separation, Tatort) as Martin Luther, a monk from Wittenberg who became the visionary religious reformer of his time and ultimately changed the world.
The miniseries tracks Luther’s growing anger at the corruption and hypocrisy of the Catholic Church in the early 16th century - including his “there is a false church and a real church” speech and the infamous pinning of his 95 theses to the church door in Wittenberg. Despite Luther’s subsequent ex-communication from the Church, his protests led to a new world order in religion: Protestantism.
Co-starring Johannes Klaußner (Homicide Unit Istanbul), Jan Krauter (Deutschland 86), and Joachim Król (Commissario Brunetti), Reformation premieres in the US on Tuesday, October 30, exclusively on MHz Choice and the MHz Choice channel on Amazon US. Source. It will be released on DVD in the US on Nov 20, 2018 on Amazon.
Official US trailer
Oct 4 From director Hannu Salonen on Instagram: "Just starting the mix of the eps 1-5 of ARCTIC CIRCLE." Meguru Film Sound, Helsinki
Oct 3 "The Most Beautiful Couple" won the 'Hamburger Producers Award for German Film Productions' at the 26th Filmfest Hamburg, worth 25.000 Euros. Producers Jamila Wenske and Sol Bondy accepted the award. Source
Oct 2 New picture of Maximilian Brückner from photographer Mathias Leidgschwendner

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