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Maximilian, Maxi (in his family and according to  his agency), Max Brückner, Bruckner / Brueckner
(in English speaking countries)

German Actor, Director, Musician, Dancer and also proud native Bavarian
"Bayerische Sahneschnitte"
- "Schuhplattler der Herzen" - "Prince Charming"


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Who can judge whether the signature is really from Maximilian Brueckner??

"I hob hoit des Pech g'habt und des Glück, dass i hoit nix anders konn, ois a bissl rumspuin und auf der Bühne rumhupfn." M.B.

Interview with Maximilian Brückner
for the German section of this website.
Interview on January 17, 2014 for his new film "Und Äktschn!", which opened in German and Austrian movie theatres on Feb 6, 2014.
Max Brueckner
Exclusive Interview with Maximilian Brückner
(in Bavarian) for the German section of this website.
Interview date was in late January 2012, but due to a string of unforeseen circumstances, publishing it was delayed till early March 2012.

~ News ~

June 4 The 2nd season of "Hindafing" is nominated for a 2020 German Television Award in the category 'Best Comedy Series'. All nominees. No award gala due to the corona pandemic, so the winners will be announced online in mid-June.
Source: Deutscher Fernsehpreis, 4.6.2020
June 1 „Yes... it is cold“ #blablabla
Video of Maximilian Brückner in bathing trunks and the voice of his daughter in the background: Instagram, 1.6.
May 25 Video of Maximilian Brückner with his older daughter mewing grass, or: A farmer's workout: Instagram, 24.5.
May 17 Video of Maximilian Brückner feeding his goats: Instagram, 17.5.
May 15 The 'Munich Volkstheater' is now in its early summer vacation, and if all goes to plan and the number of victims of the COVID-19 pandemic won't grow again, the first premiere will be on July 25, with outdoor performances, concerts, readings, children's theatre and productions directed by Simon Solberg, Sapir Heller, Mirjam Loibl, Abdullah Kenan Karaca and Christian Stückl in the main theatre for a 100 persons audience max. Source
May 6 The 'Munich Volkstheater' (like all German theatres and opera houses) was closed on March 11th due to the corona pandemic and is now already going into its summer break. Rehearsals will start on June 15th and the first premiere is scheduled for the end of July at the beginning of the summer school holidays in Bavaria. However, until further notice there are no performances of the "Brandner Kaspar" play with Maximilian Brückner possible.
Video of today's press conference with artistic director Christian Stückl.
April 28 The TV movie "Nachtschicht - Cash & Carry" ("Night Shift") is already available to watch (but perhaps only from within Germany) in the ZDF media library until July 26, and it will premier on German TV network ZDF on Mon May 4, at 8:15pm as 'Movie of the week'. It will be released on DVD through Studio Hamburg Enterprises on June 19, 2020.
April 21 No Oktoberfest 2020 in Munich ☹️ Reason is the dynamic spread of the corona virus, which has to be interrupted.
But at least we will have the 6-part series "Oktoberfest 1900" / (Empire Oktoberfest) which will air on German TV ARD/Das Erste in late 2020. Source: FFF Bayern on facebook, 21.4.2020
April 16
Maximilian Brückner: "Back To The Roots - Bavarian Red Cross"
Instagram, 16.4.2020

Right after he finished school, Maxi spent his social year working as a driver in the Civilian Service, and now in times of the corona pandemic during which all filming and stage work has stopped, he returned to social service as a volunteer.
April 15 "Ivalo": Supersuositun Ivalon 1. jakso nyt katsottavissa maksutta! Vinkkaa myös kaverille. 😉
Vuoden 2018 suurimmassa rikossarjassa ivalolainen poliisi Nina Kautsalo (Iina Kuustonen) löytää kahlehditun naisen syrjäisen erämaamökin kellarista. Naisesta löytyy tappavan vaarallinen virus, jota tutkimaan kutsutaan saksalainen asiantuntija Thomas Lorenz (Maximilian Brückner). Kun virusta ei saada eristettyä, kilpajuoksu aikaa vastaan alkaa. Katso loput jaksot Elisa Viihteen Aitio - ohjelmakirjastosta! Lähde/Source
"Kellari", the 1st episode of "Arctic Circle" / "Ivalo" is available for free and in its original language until April 29, 2020 - not only in Finland but also in various other countries, through Elisa here
Easter 2020    Happy Easter
April 10 "Changed my profession" #stayathome #blablabla: Video from Maximilian Brückner on Instagram
April 8 Principal filming for "Generation Beziehungsunfähig" (WT) has ended, a release for Germany and German Switzerland is scheduled for March 2021.
April 6 "Arctic Circle" - sur la chaîne POLAR+ (France) Bande annonce. POLAR+ est disponible avec CANAL+. Dispo. jusqu'au 29/11/2021 @ CANAL+
April 2 The TV movie "Nachtschicht - Cash & Carry" ("Night Shift") will premier on German TV network ZDF on Mon May 4, at 8:15pm as 'Movie of the week'. It stars Armin Rohde, Barbara Auer, Tedros Teclebrhan and Minh-Khai Phan-Thi, written and directed by Lars Becker. Maximilian Brückner has a small role as nasty Police officer Roland Orbach. Source with set photos: ZDF press release
March 20 "Arctic Circle" was released on DVD in Germany today thru Edel Motion. 3 Discs, no bonus material. Languages: OV, and dubbed in German (Dolby Digital 5.1). Also available for streaming/download on amazon
March 13 Maximilian Brückner at the 70th Berlinale, Feb. 2020 - a collection of events and pictures
March 11 Maxi models Meindl Fashion for Trachten Brückner. Photo
March 4 "Arctic Circle" - Saison 1 - Bande annonce POLAR+ (French trailer)
Aux confins de la Laponie, au cœur des paysages glaciaires finlandais, une policière, Nina Kautsalo (Iina Kuustonen), découvre une femmes sur le point de mourir dans une cabane en pleine nature. L’enquête criminelle prend une toute autre tournure lorsque que l’on découvre que la victime est une prostituée porteuse d’un virus mortel. Alors qu’une pandémie menace la communauté, Thomas Lorenz (Maximilian Brückner), un virologue allemand, se rend en Laponie afin d’y étudier le virus. Nina et Thomas se retrouvent alors au cœur d’une enquête criminelle extrêmement inhabituelle qui va les entraîner au-dessus des lois.
Diffusion à partir du dimanche 8 mars 2020 à 20h50 sur la chaîne POLAR+. POLAR+ est disponible avec CANAL+. Dispo. jusqu'au 29/11/2021 @ CANAL+
March 3 From the TV movie "Night Shift - Cash & Carry": Showreel 2020 of actor Tedros Teclebrhan (Elias). From 01:57 to 02:47 min into the clip Maximilian Brückner as nasty police officer Roland can be seen and heard.

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