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Maximilian, Maxi (in his family and according to  his agency), Max Brückner, Bruckner / Brueckner
(in English speaking countries)

German Actor, Director, Musician, Dancer and also proud native Bavarian
"Bayerische Sahneschnitte"
- "Schuhplattler der Herzen" - "Prince Charming"


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Who can judge whether the signature is really from Maximilian Brueckner??

"I hob hoit des Pech g'habt und des Glück, dass i hoit nix anders konn, ois a bissl rumspuin und auf der Bühne rumhupfn." M.B.

Interview with Maximilian Brückner
for the German section of this website.
Interview on January 17, 2014 for his new film "Und Äktschn!", which opened in German and Austrian movie theatres on Feb 6, 2014.
Max Brueckner
Exclusive Interview with Maximilian Brückner
(in Bavarian) for the German section of this website.
Interview date was in late January 2012, but due to a string of unforeseen circumstances, publishing it was delayed till early March 2012.

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Jan 20 Teaserclip for "Oktoberfest 1900" ("Empire Oktoberfest") with a short interview with Maximilian Brückner, taken at BR-Press Filmbrunch on Jan 17 in Munich's Literaturhaus
Jan 18 "Line of Separation" (aka "Tannbach") tells the story of the small German town of Tannbach as the Cold War's Iron Curtain descends upon Eastern Europe. A microcosm of the events following World War II, the series looks at how the Cold War affected communities, friends and even families. Meet the cast: Johanna Bittenbinder, Jonathan Berlin, Henriette Confurius, Heiner Lauterbach, Martina Gedeck, Alexander Held, Senta Auth, Florian Brückner, and finally, Maximilian Brückner, the actor behind Gustl Schober. While he had a bit part in "War Horse", he went on to have a larger role in "Sophie Scholl: The Final Days", and to portray Martin Luther in the TV mini-series "Reformation". Not to mention - you guessed it - a reoccurring role on "Tatort" as Franz Kappl. "Line of Separation" truly has it all: art direction, drama, and a cast filled with talented performers. Check it out now on WGBH Passport, or broadcasting on Boston's WGBX 44. Full article
Jan 17 BR-Press Filmbrunch 2020 in Munich's Literaturhaus on Jan 17: Maximilian Brückner with fellow actors from the upcoming TV series "Oktoberfest 1900" ("Empire Oktoberfest"): Markus Krojer, Brigitte Hobmeier, Klaus Steinbacher, director Hannu Salonen, and Bettina Rickleffs, executive producer/BR. Photos
Jan 16 Maximilian Brueckner, Tobias Van Dieken and Stephan Luca at Berlin Fashion Week 2020, all wearing suits by Tiger of Sweden: Photo1, photo2, and more photos on their Instagram accounts.
Jan 14 Many new promo pix of Maximilian Brückner (both in color and in black&white) by photographer Christian Hartmann on Maxi's page on his agency's website, uploaded in January 2020.
Jan 13 ZDF press release (in German) with set photos, episode guide, role descriptions and an interview with Maximilian Brückner about the upcoming screening of the series "Arctic Circle - Der unsichtbare Tod", starting on Feb 16 on ZDF.
Jan 10 Dear Maxi: 🐞 All the best for your birthday, lots of luck, with dreams and wishes fulfilled! Cheers! 🥂
Jan 8 #JupiterAward  #DasSchönstePaar  #MaximilianBrückner  #LuiseHeyer  #Hindafing
The year end's vote for the 41th Jupiter Award as voted by the readers of German entertainment magazines cinema + TV Spielfilm is online!
Nominee in category 2/11 'Bester Film - National' (Best film national) is "Das schönste Paar" ("The Most Beautiful Couple"), in category 4/11 'Bester Darsteller - National' (Best actor national) Maximilian Brückner for "Das schönste Paar", in category 6/11 'Beste Darstellerin - National' (Best actress national) Luise Heyer for "Das schönste Paar", and in category 11/11 'Beste TV-Serie - National' (Best TV series national) "Hindafing" ("Welcome to Hindafing").
You can vote as often as you like and are able to, but you always have to vote in all 11 categories. Vote here
Jan 7 The 10part Finnish-German TV series "Ivalo" (starring Maximilian Brückner, Iina Kuustonen, Clemens Schick, Pihla Viitala, Joi Johannsson, Aleksandar Jovanovic, Lilli Salonen and more. Script: Joona Tena and Jón Atli Jónasson. Director: Hannu Salonen) will air as "Arctic Circle" on German public TV network ZDF, starting on Sunday, Feb. 16, 2020 at 10:15pm (22:15h); each Sunday night with two episodes back-to-back - of course dubbed in German.
Source:, 7.1.20
"Ivalo" aired on Finnish streaming service Elisa Viihde over Christmas 2018, and had its German premiere at the 5th Seriencamp Festival in Munich on Nov. 8, 2019
Jan 5 💐 Maximilian Brückner's upcoming 41st birthday is on January 10.
You can send your best wishes and greetings to his agency - per paper mail: Maximilian Brückner, c/o Agentur Lambsdorff, Infanteriestr. 19 Haus 5, 80797 Munich, Germany - or per e-mail
Jan 3, 2020 The 10 Best Films of 2019, according to German entertainment source No. 7: "The Most Beautiful Couple" (Das schönste Paar), which is the only German film on this list. Full list
Dec 31, 2019 Maximilian Brückner: Goodbye #blablabla. Video of Maxi as Aqua Man
Dec 30 The 13 Best German Films of 2019, according to German entertainment source, sorted after their opening date: 5/2/19 "The Most Beautiful Couple" (Das schönste Paar). Full list
Dec 26 Maximilian Brückner: The devil you and me #blablabla @christianthehartmann: Photo on Instagram
Dec 22 Stephan Luca: ‚Zwoa Spitzbuam, zwoa Bamm’ #Last but not #least: #frohe #Weihnacht #hohoho #lausbubn #best #friends #plantsfortheplanet #marcopolo. Photo with Maximilian Brückner on Instagram
Dec 21 Yet another previously unseen press pic by Christian Hartmann: Maximilian Brückner on Instagram, and more photos here
Dec 17 "Merry Christmas" from Maximilian Brückner and the 'angels' from the Munich Volkstheater: Video
December 🏖️ I'm off on vacation, and therefore also off-line. Enjoy the Festive Season 🎄 Be back round Christmas. EFi, admin
Nov 30 The soundtrack for "Hindafing" by David Reichelt is now available on amazon
Nov 29 Another previously unpublished fashion photo of Maximilian Brückner by Christian Hartmann on Instagram
Nov 27 – BTS set still from filming the 2nd season of "Welcome to Hindafing", showing Diana Knaacke-Weibling (Anne Schäfer) and Alfons Zischl (Maximilian Brückner): Instagram
– Bayerisches Fernsehen (BR) currently airs two episodes of the 2nd season each Tuesday evening, and both seasons are also available to stream through their website:
11/26: "Hidden Champion" + "The Man of the Hour"
12/03: "Tactical Failure" + "From the Very Top"
12/10: "World Champion Exporter" + "Internal Affairs and Security"
Nov 25 "Das schönste Paar" (Chin. 風暴過後, Eng. "The Most Beautiful Couple") will open in Taiwanese movie theatres on Dec. 13, 2019. The film premiered in Taipei during the 56th Golden Horse Film Festival on Nov. 13+14 in the section 'Panorama', with writer/director Sven Taddicken attending for Q&As.
Nov 23 👏 Congratulations! Luise Heyer won the German media award Bambi as 'Actress National 2019' for her roles in "Das schönste Paar" (The Most Beautiful Couple) by Sven Taddicken and "Der Junge muss an die frische Luft" (All About Me) by Caroline Link at the 71th awards show on Nov 21, 2019 in Baden Baden. Photo + Interview video
Nov 22 The '11th Brand New Films from Germany', prepared in collaboration with the Istanbul Modern Cinema and the Goethe-Institut Istanbul, continues to bring contemporary prominent German films to film lovers. The screenings are taking place at the Istanbul Modern Cinema in Beyoğlu district from Nov. 21 to Dec. 1, 2019. The film program, titled “We are family,” includes broken homes, fathers and sons trying to reunite, alternative families formed by people who choose to live and work together.
“Das Schönste Paar” (“The Most Beautiful Couple”) will be screened at 1 p.m. on Nov. 24. Directed by Sven Taddicken and starring Maximilian Brückner, Luise Heyer, Leonard Kunz, Jasna Fritzi Bauer and Aurel Manthei, the film is about Liv and Malte's dreamy holiday on a Mediterranean island turning into a nightmare when three young men raid the house where they are staying at and rape Liv. Liv and Malte, both teachers, return home to Germany and slowly start adapting to their normal life, until Malte runs into one of the assailants one day and is filled with an insatiable hunger for revenge. The already-delicate balance of the couple’s relationship is on the edge of breakdown once again. Director Sven Taddicken depicts how the couple survives after the traumatic event through a cast of detailed characters and their daily lives.
Source: Daily Sabah, 21.11.19
Nov 18 "The Most Beautiful Couple" / "Cel mai frumos cuplu" has its Romanian premier screening on Fri Nov 22, 2019 / 18:30h during the Zilele Filmului German #14 / Deutsche Filmtage XIV (21.-27. Noiembrie 2019), Cinema Elvire Popesco, Bd. Dacia nr. 77, 020051 Bucuresti, România. Full program
Nov 17 New press pic of Maximilian Brückner taken at the interview day for the 2nd season of "Hindafing" in the Berlin hotel Savoy on October 16, 2019. BZ Berlin, 17.11.19
Nov 11 – Previously unpublished fashion photo of Maximilian Brückner by Christian Hartmann on Instagram - Tres chick!
– Maximilian Brückner: #LETLOVEGROW #marcopolo. Photo on Instagram 🎄
🎄 Marco Polo: We’ll plant a tree for every item bought from our Xmas collection by 31 December 2019. #PlantForThePlanet #GreenChristmas 🎄 Source
Nov 10 "The Most Beautiful Couple" / "Tobula pora" screens at the Europos šalių kino forumas "Scanorama", 7.-24. November 2019 in Lithuania in the section 'Crossing Europe': Premiere is on Wed 13.11. in Vilnius at the 'Pasaka' Grand Hall at 20:30h. Also on Sun 17.11. at 15h in the 'Forum Cinemas Vingis' Hall 6 in Vilnius, and on Sat 23.11. at 21:40h and on Sun 24.11. at 15h in 'Forum Cinemas Kaunas' Hall 4 in Kaunas.
Nov 9 Yesterday evening I was at the premiers of "Arctic Circle" at 6pm, and the 2nd season of "Hindafing" at 8pm at HFF Munich, during the 5th Seriencamp Festival 2019, both attended by their leading man Maximilian Brückner, and members of their casts and crews.
– Photos of the German premiere of episode 1 + 2 of "Arctic Circle" : Photos
– Photos of the World- and crew premiere of episode 1 + 3 of "Hindafing 2" : Photos. More photos
Looks like chances are good that both series will get another season.
Nov 5 Special guests for "Arctic Circle" ("Ivalo") and "Welcome to Hindafing 2" at the 5th Seriencamp Festival 2019 at HFF Munich (University for Television and Film Munich) - Fr, 11/8:
➡️ ARCTIC CIRCLE: After the German premier screening of eps 1+2 actors Iina Kuustonen and Maximilian Brückner, director Hannu Salonen and producers Olli Haikka and Moritz Polter will stay for a Q&A. 18 - 19:50h, Kino 2. Free Tickets
➡️ HINDAFING: The world premiere of the 2nd season (eps 1+2) will be attended by actors Maximilian Brückner, Katrin Röver, Andreas Giebel, Petra Berndt, Roland Schreglmann, Michael Kranz and Heinz Josef Braun, writer & director Boris Kunz, producers from NeueSuper, Simon Amberger, Korbinian Dufter and Rafael Parente, writer Niklas Hoffmann and BR producer Elmar Jaeger. 20 - 22:10h, Audimaxx. Already sold out!
All guests of the festival, 8. - 11. November 2019
Nov 1 Arte France: „Hindafing“ - Un village bavarois un peu différent Cette série satirique bavaroise met en scène un maire parvenu, cumulant des problèmes de drogue et une poisse monumentale, qui entraîne un village entier dans ses propres magouilles. „Hindafing“ brosse avec un humour grinçant le portrait d’un microcosme provincial où s’entremêlent les excès de notre époque.
Saison 1 et 2 en français dans l'Arte médiathèque: Saison 1 (au 6/11/19) ; Saison 2 (au 20/11/19)

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