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Maximilian, Maxi (in his family and according to  his agency), Max Brückner, Bruckner / Brueckner
(in English speaking countries)

German Actor, Director, Musician, Dancer and also proud native Bavarian
"Bayerische Sahneschnitte"
- "Schuhplattler der Herzen" - "Prince Charming"


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"I hob hoit des Pech g'habt und des Glück, dass i hoit nix anders konn, ois a bissl rumspuin und auf der Bühne rumhupfn." M.B.

New Interview with Maximilian Brückner
for the German section of this website.
Interview on January 17, 2014 for his new film "Und Äktschn!", which opened in German and Austrian movie theatres on Feb 6, 2014.
Max Brueckner
Exclusive Interview with Maximilian Brückner
(in Bavarian) for the German section of this website.
Interview date was in late January 2012, but due to a string of unforeseen circumstances, publishing it was delayed till early March 2012.

~ News ~

Feb 5 Maxi's next project is the 2nd film of the new TV-series "Schwarzach 23" about a Bavarian family of cops for German network ZDF, and again will feature Maximilian Brückner, Friedrich von Thun, Marlene Morreis, Gundi Ellert, and Jockel Tschiersch. Filming will start Feb 18 to March 19, 2016.
Sources: Crew United and Film News Bayern, 01/2016, p.42
Jan 31 Yesterday afternoon, on January 30, actors, directors, writers, producers, casters and other members of the German film industry met for their 19th annual curling competition. Maximilian Brückner was a member of the 'Red Bear Gang', along with director Joachim Masannek ("The Wild Soccer Bunch"). A happy Maxi posted pictures of the event on his Facebook page.
More photos, a report about the afternoon and a quote from Maxi about it (both in German).
Jan 30 Maxi and his brother Niki at the 21th Auerbräu Ski Cup in Söll/Hochsöll in Tyrolia (Austria) on January 27, 2016. Photo from the finishing line.
Jan 29 Maxi has a pizza for today's lunch and has fun eating it. Here is his video.
Jan 25 Maxi went skiing on the Kampenwand yesterday, and posted a picture from the slope.
Jan 7, 2016 "Anatomy of Surrender" (with Heino Ferch and Maximilian Brückner) of the ORF/ZDF TV-series "Spuren des Bösen", Ep.5 "Liebe":
Austrian TV-premiere on ORF2 on Wed, Feb 17 at 20:15h. Source: Email ORF, 01/07/16
German TV-premiere on ZDF on Mon, Feb 29 at 20:15h. Source: Vienna Film Fund
Dec 31, 2015 I wish all visitors of this website, and of course Maximilian Brückner, a wonderful 2016 with lots of luck. May it be a happy, healthy, prosperous and perhaps even fun-filled new year!  EFi, webmiss
Dec 29 Like last winter, acting buddies Elyas M'Barek (Türkisch für Anfänger, Fack Ju Göhte), Florian David Fitz (Vincent wants to Sea, The Lies of the Victors) and Maximilian Brückner again went skiing together in the Zillertal area (Tyrolia/Austria). Photo on Elyas' Instagramm-Account and more on the website of the Stock-Resort, as well as on their Facebook page here, here and here.
Dec 3
Merry Christmas On a personal note:
Up until Christmas I'll be off on a long over-due vacation, and therefore offline for the time being. Hopefully my holiday replacement will find time to check in here during my leave.
I now wish you all Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year. And enjoy whatever else you'll celebrate these coming days... EFi, webmiss
Nov 27 Maximilian Brückner has moved to a new agency. His previous agency 'die agenten' in Berlin, with whom I've had good contact over the past years confirmed today that from now on he is represented by 'ContrAct' in Munich.
So your Seasons Greetings should be sent to: Maximilian Brückner c/o Agentur ContrAct - Infanteriestr. 19, Haus 5 - 80797 Munich - Germany
Nov 18 Austrian/German TV movie "Anatomy of Surrender" (Spuren des Bösen - Liebe), starring Heino Ferch with Maximilian Brueckner as a guest star, finally has a German airdate: Mon, Feb 29, 2016 at 20:15h on ZDF. No airdate so far for Austria. It'll air next on South Korean TV on Nov 27 at 22h.
Nov 2 Production company Mona Film posted a teamphoto (taken on Aug 13 at the halfway party at the Erzberg) today, announcing the end of principal photography for the 4-part Austrian/German miniseries "Pregau" on Oct. 30, whose filming had started on June 16. Maximilian Brückner and multiple award winning Austrian actors Ursula Strauss and Robert Palfrader play the leads. No air dates so far.

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German Website Updates: 2/2 Magazines ; 1/28 "Spuren des Bösen - Liebe" (Anatomy of Surrender) ; 1/14 "Tannbach"/Mini-Series ; 1/8/2016 "Der Brandner Kaspar und das ewig' Leben" - Play ; 12/23/2015 "Der Brandner Kaspar und das ewig' Leben" - The play on the road ; 11/2 "Pregau"/Mini-Series (WT) ; 10/25 "Schwarzach 23" (Schwarzach and the Hand of Death) ; 10/23 Maxi about Maxi ; 10/20 "Willkommen in Hindafing" ; 9/18 "Die Insassen" (The Inmates) ; 9/12 Christian Stückl & the Munich Volkstheater ; 5/8 "Es kommt noch besser" ; 4/26 "Kommissarin Lucas - Der Wald"

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