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Maximilian, Maxi (in his family and according to his agency), Max Brückner, Bruckner / Brueckner
(in English speaking countries)

German Actor, Director, Musician, Dancer and also proud native Bavarian
"Bayerische Sahneschnitte"
- "Schuhplattler der Herzen" - "Prince Charming"


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Who can judge whether the signature is really from Maximilian Brueckner??

"I hob hoit des Pech g'habt und des Glück, dass i hoit nix anders konn, ois a bissl rumspuin und auf der Bühne rumhupfn." M.B.

Interview with Maximilian Brückner
for the German section of this website.
Interview on January 17, 2014 for his new film "Und Äktschn!", which opened in German and Austrian movie theatres on Feb 6, 2014.
Max Brueckner
Exclusive Interview with Maximilian Brückner
(in Bavarian) for the German section of this website.
Interview date was in late January 2012, but due to a string of unforeseen circumstances, publishing it was delayed till early March 2012.

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Nov 25 Into the magic ball (or rather the make-up chair): In as Maximilian Brückner, out as former FC Bayern sports manager Robert Schwan. Video
As of today, "Gute Freunde" is now on top of RTL+'s streaming charts.
Nov 24 Advance ticket sales for the Theatre Summer 2024 at the Passionstheater Oberammergau began today: Heimatsound Festival on 2.-3.8.24, "Der Rebell - Die Geschichte vom Bayerischen Hiasl" with actors from Oberammergau on 28.6., 29.6., 12.7., 13.7., 19.7., 20.7., 26.7., 27.7., and the visit of "Der Brandner Kaspar und das ewig' Leben" with Maximilian Brückner from the Munich Volkstheater on 5.+6.7.24. Tickets online
Ticket sales for all performances at the Munich Volkstheater up to early February 2024 also began today. Tickets online
Nov 22 All dressed up: Maximilian Brückner attended the "A Night of Joy" Christmas event at the Breuninger Flagship Store on November 21, 2023 in Munich, Germany. On this photo with Stephan Luca and Emilio Sakraya (m., Rheingold). Official photos © Isa Foltin/Getty Images for Breuninger. More photos from artist Simon Lohmeyer. Photos from mdl-Magazin on Instagram, and one of Maximilian Brückner with actress Lena Meckel
Nov 21 Making-of video for "Gute Freunde - Der Aufstieg des FC Bayern": Film clips and interviews with Sebastian Werninger (CEO of production company UFA & producer), Tobias Timme (executive producer), Maximilian Brückner (Robert Schwan), Jan-David Bürger (Paul Breitner) and Max Hubacher (Uli Hoeneß)
Nov 16 ⚽️ "Gute Freunde - Der Aufstieg des FC Bayern" - New trailer and new BTS photos of Maximilian Brückner in mask and costume of Robert Schwan, first manager of FC Bayern Munich. More new photos
Nov 12 "Mordnacht" (WT) - From director Friederike Jehn: #synch with yourselves. Danke @rosalie_thomass und @bruecknermaximilian good to see you again! #mordnacht. Instagram (with photo of Maximilian Brückner in a speaker booth at the Loft Studios in Berlin), 11.11.23
Nov 9 ⚽️ "Gute Freunde - Der Aufstieg des FC Bayern" – Maximilian Brückner: #gutefreunde ab 18. Nov auf rtl+ und am 22. Nov auf rtl um 20:15 Uhr @rtlplus @rtl_de @ufa_production #robertschwan @david_dietl #whocastit @ninahauncasting. Instagram (with BTS selfie), 9.11.23
– Review from Sport Bild: Das wussten Sie garantiert noch nicht: Was die neue RTL-Serie über den FC Bayern verrät. Fazit: Eine absolut sehenswerte Bayern-Serie, in der die unterschiedlichen Charaktere der damaligen Stars sehr gut rüberkommen. Source: Dirk Schlickmann, Sport Bild, 9.11.23
Oct 25 ⚽️ The first three episodes of the series "Gute Freunde - Der Aufstieg des FC Bayern" (Good Friends - The Rise of the FC Bayern Munich) are available to stream on German RTL+ from Sat, Nov 18 on, with the other three episodes following from Wed, Nov 22 on. The first three episodes will air back-to-back on free TV RTL on Wed, Nov 22 at 8:15pm.
Teaser, Trailer, Story & History, Cast (with photos), Episode Guide (with set stills), and more: RTL-Pressemappe
Oct 24 🌈 "Ein Regenbogen zu Weihnachten" 🎄 (A Rainbow for Christmas), with Jasmin Gerat and Maximilian Brückner, directed by Esther Gronenborn, will premier on German TV network ZDF on Sun, Dec 17 at 8:15pm. Austrian TV premiere is on Wed, Dec 13 at 8:15pm on ORF2
Photos, story of the film, statement from producer Magdalena Frau, interviews with screenwriter Christoph Silber and Tracey Graves, with Jasmin Gerat, and with Maximilian Brückner, and a cookie recipe: ZDF-Pressemappe
Oct 24 "Mein Kind – Mоя дитина" (WT) – From director Christine Hartmann on Instagram yesterday: It's a wrap! #lastdayinparadise #studio12 #bavariafiction #bavariafilmstudios #lstudioshoot #movie @lisamariapotthoff @bruecknermaximilian @bavariafiction. Instagram (with two photos with Lisa Maria Potthoff and Maximilian Brückner in the Bavaria Film Studios in Munich)
Oct 18 Production company Bavaria Fiction has finally released the story, a working title and a first official image (with Maximilian Brückner, director Christine Hartmann, and actresses Alina Danko and Lisa Maria Potthoff) for the ZDF movie that was recently filmed in Croatia: "Mein Kind – Mоя дитина" (My Child). Press release, 17.10.23
Oct 17 Principal filming in Croatia has ended - according to posts from:
Lead actress Lisa Maria Potthoff on Instagram (with photo), 16.10.23, and director Christine Hartmann on Instagram (with two photos), 17.10.23
Oct 17 From production company Relevant Film: Our composer Richard Ruzicka is nominated for the German Film Music Prize 2023 for the music of LAUFEN! Craziness!!! We are so happy. 👉 We can't stop keeping our fingers crossed. 👍✊✌️😍 Facebook, 17.10.23
The winners of the 10th German Film Music Prize will be announced at the award ceremony on November 24th in the Puschkinhaus in Halle (Saale). Source, 17.10.23
Oct 14 BTS photos from the set of the TV-movie "Mordnacht" (WT). Pictured are Maximilian Brückner, Kristina Peters, Zhenja Isaak, José Barros Moncada, Claudia Kottal, Hendrik von Bültzingslöwen and Gustav Peter Wöhler in June/July. Source: Zhenja Isaak's Instagram account, 14.10.23
Oct 12 "In bed" with Maximilian Brückner and Lisa Maria Potthoff on the set of their new film in Croatia. Found on Instragram today – Photo
Oct 3 My report with photos about the first performance of "Der Brandner Kaspar und das ewig' Leben" in the new season 2023/24 on Oct 2nd.
It’s #finish but not the end. Greetz to @simonpearcecomedy and #oktoberfest. Maximilian Brückner on Instagram (with a photo as the Boandlkramer), 3.10.23
Sep 29 Schedule of performances in the Munich Volkstheater until the beginning of December 2023 - advance ticket sales are ongoing. Tickets can be purchased at the theater box office, by phone (+49.89.523 4655), and via the webshop. The 2023/24 season online booklet: 'SuperIllu'
Maximilian Brückner can be seen on stage as the Boandlkramer in the "Der Brandner Kaspar und das ewig' Leben" on Mon 2.10., Mon 27.11., and Tue 28.11.: Tickets
Sep 26 Maximilian Brückner will soon be filming in Zagreb (Croatia); the new project - as yet without a known title - will reunite him with Lisa Maria Potthoff, after "Männer wie wir" / "Balls" (2004), "Tatort - Tod auf der Walz" (2005), "Mozart - Ich hätte München Ehre gemacht" (2006), "Schwere Jungs" (2006) and "Tatort - Bittere Trauben" (2009):
– Director Christine Hartmann (regiewasser): Back on set - first shooting day with my #mainactress #lisamariapotthoff #movie #broadcast #likemyjob #directingamovie #ukraine #surrogate #onset #zagreb #bavariafiction @lisamariapotthoff @bavariafiction. Instagram, 19.9.23
– Actress Lisa Maria Potthoff (lisamariapotthoff): Happy to be here in Zagreb with wonderful director Christine Hartmann, beloved colleague Maximilian Brückner and the one and only Manuel Kreuzpaintner.... Instagram, 26.9.23
– Maximilian Brückner (bruecknermaximilian): Shooting in Zagreb with ❤️ @lisamariapotthoff and ❤️ @regiewasser the next month. Instagram (with photo), 26.9.23
Sep 19 From production company Relevant Film: Our movie "Laufen" (Running) with Anna Schudt, Katharina Wackernagel, Maximilian Brückner, and many more, based on the novel by Isabel Bogdan, script by Silke Zertz, director Rainer Kaufmann, is nominated as one of the ten TV movies in competition for the best TV movie in the German speaking region 2023 and the 3sat audience award at the Film- und Serienfestival Baden-Baden / Televisionale (27.11. - 01.12.2023). Source, 18.9.23
Screening date at TeleVisionale: Tue, Nov 28th, 2023, 4:45 pm - 6:15 pm in the Kurhaus Baden-Baden ; Jury discussion: 6:15 pm - 7:00 pm, Runder Saal. 3sat broadcast date Sat, Nov 25th, 2023 from 9:45 pm
Sep 16 This spring, Maxi announced in an interview that he will try something new - as it now turned out, it is writing for the screen!
Maximilian Brückner and Linus Herbig-Matten on Instagram (with photo), 15.9.23: Wir werden als Autoren ab jetzt von der Agentur Homebase repräsentiert 🥳 Vita of the writing team Brückner & Herbig-Matten
Sep 15 ⚽️ Trailer (with Maximilian Brückner as Robert Schwan and Michael A. Grimm as Wilhelm Neudecker and also with snippets from real matches with real players of the FC Bayern Munich 1965 - 1974) for the series "Gute Freunde - Der Aufstieg des FC Bayern". Airing this fall on German TV RTL and on German stream RTL+
Sep 12 The young children of the Riederinger Musikanten were at the Rosenheimer Herbstfest this weekend, guarded by Maximilian Brückner. Source: Riederinger Musikanten on Instagram, 11.9.23. See photo 2 + 4
Sep 6 "Die geschenkte Familie" w/Jasmin Gerat and Maximilian Brückner (The Gifted Family/Christmas Love/Christmas Time/WT) has got its final title, "Ein Regenbogen zu Weihnachten" (A Rainbow for Christmas), which will have its premier airing this coming December on German TV ZDF. Source, 4.9.23

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