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Maximilian, Maxi (in his family and according to  his agency), Max Brückner, Bruckner / Brueckner
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German Actor, Director, Musician, Dancer and also proud native Bavarian
"Bayerische Sahneschnitte"
- "Schuhplattler der Herzen" - "Prince Charming"


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Who can judge whether the signature is really from Maximilian Brueckner??

"I hob hoit des Pech g'habt und des Glück, dass i hoit nix anders konn, ois a bissl rumspuin und auf der Bühne rumhupfn." M.B.

Interview with Maximilian Brückner
for the German section of this website.
Interview on January 17, 2014 for his new film "Und Äktschn!", which opened in German and Austrian movie theatres on Feb 6, 2014.
Max Brueckner
Exclusive Interview with Maximilian Brückner
(in Bavarian) for the German section of this website.
Interview date was in late January 2012, but due to a string of unforeseen circumstances, publishing it was delayed till early March 2012.

~ News ~

May 21 After a short but successful visit in Bavaria, Maxi is back on the set of "Arctic Circle" in Finland since this morning: Pic on Instagram
May 19 "Arctic Circle": Today is the last day of filming for actor Joi Johannsson, who posted a pic on Instagram - Maximilian Brueckner, Iina Kuustonen and Clemens Schick stand in the middle behind Joi dressed in white winter camouflage.
joijohannsson: Saying goodbye to this amazing group of cast and crew of Arctic Circle. What a fabulous journey! Thank you all and especially Hannu Salonen. ❤️
bruecknermaximilian: Miss you my friend!!!!!!!
joijohannsson@bruecknermaximilian: me too!
by_alj: Thanks so much
May 18 CONGRATULATIONS to Maxi on finally winning another award - after 10 years ... He won as 'Best Actor' in a TV Series ("Hindafing") at the Bavarian Television Awards tonight at Munich's Prinzregententheater. The show was taped and will air this Sunday, May 20 at 11:45pm on German TV network RTL.
A picture from the red carpet, where Maxi is waving at me. Pictures on stage with the trophy, a porcelain panther.
The producers of this series, Simon Amberger, Korbinian Dufter and Rafael Parente received an award as best young producers.
May 12 Production company Bavaria Fiction has reposted a photo today, published first on May 2 by actor Aleksandar Jovanović, with Maximilian Brückner, Clemens Schick and Joi Johannsson during filming of "Arctic Circle": Photo
May 10 Apparently missing the Simssee, Maxi jumps into one of those cold lakes near Helsinki: Video
May 8 "Das schönste Paar" / "The Most Beautiful Couple"
[...] Hitting the festival circuit later this year is Sven Taddicken’s German drama “The Most Beautiful Couple”, starring Maximilian Brueckner and Luise Heyer as a young married couple forced to deal with a tragic assault, [...]
From: "Berlin-Based One Two Films unveils International Slate", in Variety, 5/7/18
May 7 Members of the Brückner family, amongst them Niki and Maxi, model for the family businesses Trachten Brückner - pix and Hutmacherei Wiesner - pix
May 6 Selfie from Maxi from a short trip to a Norwegian lake from earlier today. Looks pretty cold there!
May 3 The 2-part TV movie "Der Mordanschlag" (Attempted Murder) will have its world premiere at the upcoming 36th Munich Filmfest on July 3, 2018 in Gasteig's Carl-Orff-Saal in the section 'New German TV Movies'. Filmfest München will show both parts back-to-back in a three-hour presentation. Tickets will go on sale on June 18.
Berlin in the early 1990s: Hans-Georg Dahlmann is making a lot of enemies as head of the agency charged with privatizing eastern Germany's formerly state-owned businesses. His newly hired assistant, Sandra Wellmann, is one of these enemies. She has been planted in the agency by the RAF terrorist organization to spy on Dahlmann. When the head of a bank is murdered, the Federal Criminal Police Office starts to consider who might be next. As Wellmann and Dahlmann come to trust each other, the terrorist's mission is redefined. This two-part TV movie portrays the uncertainty and latent violence in a society undergoing seismic change. Cast: Petra Schmidt-Schaller, Jenny Schily, Maximilian Brückner, Ulrich Tukur, Stefanie Stappenbeck and many more. Director: Miguel Alexandre. Source: Filmfest Munich 2018
Apr 27 "Hindafing" won the Austrian Kurier ROMY-Academy Award as 'Best TV-Series'. The awards were handed out on April 5 in the Grand Hotel in Vienna. All winners
Apr 21 Maximilian Brückner is nominated for a 'Blue Panther' as 'Best Actor' in a TV-series (Hindafing) at the 30th Bavarian TV Awards. The awards will be handed out on May 18 in Munich's Prinzregententheater, and aired on German TV RTL on May 20, 10:45pm. Source: Press release, Bayerische Staatsregierung, 4/12/18
Apr 20 Maximillian Brückner on his Arctic Experience: "The funny thing is, in the beginning I thought Iina Kuustonen was the main actress and I was the main actor. Now I realise the landscape is the third main character in this series, and it's unbelievable. We were shooting yesterday and the wind was blowing like hell. You wanted to speak but your mouth was full of wind. It's a real challenge. There was one point where I was standing with Iina in front of me, and the wind was so hard that we both welled up in the scene, but it was natural. It's far from a perfect studio-made storm."
Full article "The vast Arctic Circle: a copro set to put Finland on the drama map" with more interview bits: TBIVision, 4/9/18, and a video clip from Maxi in the cold: "In Sami’s world, close to the border of Norway"
March/April On a personal matter:
I will be on vacation until late April. And I'll be offline, so no news or updates here. No, I won't visit the 'Arctic Circle' - instead a country with no snow and lots of sun.
Also, the data of all my websites have to be merged and then transferred to a new server, which means they might be unavailable at times.
Until then - Happy Easter! EFi, webmiss
Mar 23 Maxi has apparently found a new friend! Video from Lapland
Mar 22 Press stills for "Schwarzach 23 and the Head of Saatan" ("Schwarzach 23 und der Schädel des Saatans"), which will air on German TV network ZDF on Monday, 30. April at 8:15pm.
Mar 21 Maxi definitely enjoys his time in the snow and ice of Lapland
On 'safari' with Kari Ketonen: Photo, and videoclips with Janne Kataja: Clip 1 and Clip 2
Mar 18 "Arctic Circle" set photo "200 meters below ground" (in the Tytyr mine in Lohja) from Joi Johannson with fellow actors Chike Ohanwe, Clemens Schick and Maximilian Brückner
Mar 15 Picture released by Bavaria Fiction of Maximilian Brückner, Clemens Schick, director Hannu Salonen and producers Milla Bruneau (Finland) and Moritz Polter (Germany) from the press event for "Arctic Circle" in Inari in early February: "Actors between light and ice! Tervehdys!" (Greetings)
Mar 7 "Arctic Circle" and "Bullet" from Yellow Film & TV and Elisa Viihdaare were selected for MIPDrama Buyers's Summit, to be sneak-previewed to some 450 TV executives in Cannes on April 8, prior to the MIP-TV from 9.-12. April 2018. Source: Arcticle from Nordisk Film & TV Fond, 3/5/18
Mar 3 "Arctic Circle" is one of only six productions that will be presented to international buyers at the MIPDrama Buyers' Summit during the upcoming MIP-TV in Cannes (France), 9. - 12. April 2018. They will be shown a 15minute teaser of the €6.5 million ($7.5 million) budgeted 10x50 min Finnish/German series.
Interview in German (with video) with executive producer Moritz Polter of Bavaria Fiction during the press event in Inari in early February at, 3/2/18
Mar 1 TV series "Arctic Circle" goes beyond polar landscapes: The Finnish-German crime series aimes to attract an international audience with an A-list cast and gripping narration. Article in Cineuropa, 3/1/18

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